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8bar MITTE Titan: A 2-in-1 Titanium Gravel + Road Bike


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Unless you’re a sponsored cyclist — or just have plenty of expendable income — buying a bike for every sub-discipline isn’t realistic.

That’s likely why 8bar’s MITTE has become its most popular bike. The flexible rig can “transform” from a road bike to a gravel setup, meaning cyclists can purchase one bike that works in both kinds of terrain.

Originally made with an aluminum frame, the Berlin-based bike company has decided to offer another version of its Swiss Army Bike — this time in titanium.

“After the MITTE has been successfully placed on the market for several years in the aluminum as well as steel version, it was time for the titanium version,” the company said in a press release.

8bar: MITTE Titan 2-in-1 Gravel X Road

The bike-maker calls titanium the “perfect material” for an all-around bike like the MITTE because it’s both lightweight and durable over the long-term.

Like the original MITTE design, this 2-in-1 bike comes with a frame with adjustable chainstay length and two fork options. That lets owners pick their poison of the day, be it smooth rides on asphalt or bumpy ones on gravel.

“Fully-internal cable routing not only gives your bike a much cleaner look but also prevents dirt from getting stuck on your bike,” 8bar wrote. “We have decided to completely abandon the possibility of mounting mechanical groupsets. This makes the look even cleaner without ugly soldering points and empty cable inputs and outputs.”

Even with the titanium version, you’ve got options.

If you want to buy the bike as it comes from 8bar, it’ll cost about €6,900 in Europe, or $7,500 in the US. However, it’s also possible to buy the frame and choose the rest of the parts, including the fork, tires, wheels, and more. By itself, the titanium frameset costs about 1,850, or $2,000.

Either way, the titanium version of the MITTE bike or frame is currently available during the pre-order period, which runs until March 31. After that, the frames will be ordered and customers can “probably” expect a delivery in October, the company said.

“This date is not fixed and can also be postponed a bit,” the company added in the press release.



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