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Why is Oaksmith One of India’s Best Products?


People who like to have liqueur will know about this Oaksmith brand which is one of the leading alcohol brands in India. The products from this company will have unique tastes and aromas, which attract many people to taste them repeatedly. People call these products a spirit with a smooth taste because of the flavor available with this product. 

This Oaksmith provides a premium Indian whisky that is a crafter and prepared by experts with several years of experience in this field. Like wine and champagne, people who consume whiskey at a small and moderate level will have a low risk of cardiac issues. Similarly, the antioxidants present in these products will make them suitable for people consuming them at a perfect story. 

The company that manufactures these products will use unique manufacturing and packing techniques that are more effective and attractive. These methods are the reason behind the popularity of these liqueurs worldwide. 

The manufacturing process of Oaksmith whiskies

The company named Beam Suntory is the manufacturer of this brand in India, and they use various methods to make their products with perfection. The manufacturers will import ingredients from countries like Scotland and the United States. The company will get the premium aged Scotch malts from Scotland and the aged Kentucky straight bourbon whisky from the US. 

After getting all these products from different countries, they start their blending process, making their product a premium one. The methods used for blending these products are from the incredible craftsmanship of Japan. The creator of famous Japanese whiskies like Hibiki and Yamazaki is the creator of this Indian whisky, and his name is Mr. Shinji Fukuyo, the master blender behind this Oaksmith products.

The Japanese blending craft is the best thing that completely changes the product’s taste and flavor and provides a new flavor to this product. The company that manufactures this product as their brand will use unique preparation methods to make the products with authentic taste, attracting many customers to become regular buyers of their products. So, these are some facts that people need to know about Oaksmith products manufacturing and their processes.  

Different varieties of Oaksmith

The Oaksmith is a brand under the company Beam Suntory, and the goal  International are the two whisky brands available in the market. The gold is the original version of the whisky, and the International is the blended version of the original version. 

So, people who like to taste authentic taste can choose the gold, and people who need a twist in the existing taste can choose international. The varieties of whiskies are the best option for people who like to taste different drinks. 

The products available under the name of will have premium quality and mesmerizing taste that make people love the product. Though only two varieties of products are available for people to enjoy the flavor, that itself will explain the ability of the company that manufactures those products. 

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Won global recognition for Oaksmith

Every year the international organization conducts the annual SPI Awards for the best liqueurs of the year. This award ceremony will take place in California, USA. In that award, they consider all the varieties of liqueurs worldwide and choose the best among them by considering various features like look, taste, aroma, and even packing. In that event, the premium international spirits company beam Suntory got gold and double gold for its products Oaksmith gold international. 

This kind of award for the Indian premium whiskies will make them more popular in the world market and attract more whisky collectors to know about this brand and their products. Similarly, this Oaksmith goal international won the bronze in the UK awards for the famous whiskies worldwide. These competitions will have more than 1000 brands from 49 countries, and the judging method will be challenging. 

So, organizers of the events will consider various features of the products, like the taste, finish, aroma, and even the packing quality of the products, to choose the best among them all. They also use various publics to taste and provide their opinion about those products. So, these are some of the points that make the products more popular. 

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Entry of Oaksmith into the Indian market

The product entered the Indian whiskey market in 2019, becoming a famous and favorite brand for many people. The taste and quality of the product make it more suitable for the consumers of India. The consumer level for whiskey in India is less than half of the world’s whisky consumers. So, by calculating that, the beam Suntory aimed to reach those mass consumers to increase their sales. 

So, due to the vast availability of consumers, the manufacturers provide a unique variety of products that fulfill the needs of Indian customers. According to the calculation of Beam Suntory company, they are planning to earn 1 billion by the year 2030 in sales. Similarly, they also know about the market of premium whiskies in India, which is why they manufacture premium whisky brands. 

The history behind the preparation of Oaksmith

Before creating the blend of Oak, the creator of this product traveled all over India. That is to understand the taste of the Indians and also to understand their food culture. Though India has various food cultures and taste differences, Shinji Fukuyo needs to make several researchers. He also needs to taste, hear and see the unique flavors of each part of India. 

So, this trip around India helped him finalize the brand’s taste and flavor, and it also allowed him to be harmonious with the blend to prepare the new brand of whisky. Though the product has a unique taste and attractive color, no artificial flavors or coloring agents are available in the bend. 

This product’s taste and color result from the perfect blend. So, people who are buying this product for tasting will experience all the work effort of the manufacturers to make it perfect by importing high-quality aged products and using unique techniques to blend them and get the final products. So, all these features of Oaksmith make it a famous brand in the country and even worldwide. 

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Where to get Oaksmith whisky?

Though the origin of this product is India, people can get them all over the country, and you can see them in all the premium bars that provide various international brands. It’s because of the brand’s popularity and global recognition as the best among all other global brands. So, all these make this product worth staying in the line of expensive liqueurs. 

So, people who need to have the real taste of high-quality premium whisky from Indian manufacturers can consider this locksmith, who is more effective than any other international brand. While comparing foreign liqueurs, people can find all the aspects available with this product and also see the features that are more effective than those products. 


So, all these facts about Oaksmith whiskey, its variety, and people who are new to this brand of liqueurs can use this article to know about them. Each detail in this above article will be the key to understanding the manufacturing process and the blending methods to make their products perfectly. It also details the awards of Oaksmith products in the US and UK. 

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