Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Kitsbow is Gearing up for Cooler Weather with Merino Wool Long-Sleeve Shirts!

Kitsbow is Gearing up for Cooler Weather with Merino Wool Long-Sleeve Shirts!

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Are you tired of the heat and ready for some cooler weather? Well, Kitsbow Cycling Apparel has you covered with their new Ziler (men) and Adena (women) Merino wool long-sleeve shirts.

And if you know Morino wool, you know it can easily span multiple seasons and still remain comfortable.

Kitsbow Cycling Apparel Ziler

Photo c. Kitsbow Cycling Apparel. Ziler, mens Merino wool long-sleeve shirt

Kit’s bow says the design, fit, and function of the new shirts are based on Kitsbow’s “proven and very popular” long-sleeve synthetic tees the Moraine and the Chutes. According to Kitsbow, this means that the new shirt “moves with you, stretches as you reach and twist and returned to shape”. They say you may even “forget your wearing it, it fits so well“.

Kitsbow Cycling Apparel Adena

Adena, Womens Merino wool long-sleeve shirt

The versatility of the merino wool is great for any kind of travel, as it allows you to minimize what you may need to pack for a road trip in a car, taking a flight, or on your next bikepacking adventure. Merino wool’s ability to be virtually stink-free, and keep you warm or cool, will help you wear fewer layers when you are on your all-day ride.

Both the Adena and Ziler Retail for: $89

Women’s Adena

Colors: Cool Grey or Black

Sizes: W-XXS, W-XS, W-S, W-M, W-L, W-XL, W-XXL, W-XXXL, and W-XXXXL

Men’s Ziler

Colors: Cool Grey or Black

Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and XXXXL

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