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Hands on: Peak Design Everyday Phone Case, Out Front Bike Mount & Mini Tripod

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A few weeks ago, while walking through the Sea Otter Classic event, I overheard someone yell to me…”Hey, I like your camera mount“! I looked over and saw that the person yelling was from the Peak Design booth. They were on my list to cover so I went over to check out what was cool or new.

Back in October of 2020 we covered Peak Design’s Kickstarter campaign for their Mobile Ecosystem. But, it’s been a few years, and the products are a bit more refined and have had some time being used out in the real world. Plus I was personally super impressed by the products they showed me, and I thought you would be too.

I’m not going to deep dive into these as Cory did a really awesome job doing that on the post back in 2020. No, I thought I would just update you on the specs, price ranges, and some small details of my three favorite products that were shown to me:

Peak Designs everyday case

Everyday Case

Retails for $39.95

The Everyday Case is compatible with the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 and works with Apple’s Magsafe chargers. You can get an Everyday Case for your Samsung s21 and s22 and the new Google Pixel 6 while you’re at it. The case uses SlimLink which is a combination of a magnetic/mechanical lock built right into the case. With the case on your phone, you will be able to mount your phone to all of Peak Designs Mobile mounts, chargers, and accessories. This case can also come with a flat-stowing, quick-deploying finger loop for added grip and security if you’d like.

2.4mm rear wall thickness
3.4mm side and top TPU bumper
5.6mm bottom TPU bumper

40g (1.4oz)
Weight varies by +/- 4g depending on the phone model.

100% recycled weatherproof bluesign approved nylon canvas exterior shell
Ultralight polycarbonate body
Rubberized TPU bumper
Molded TPU buttons
High-temp neodymium magnets
High-strength ceramic locking ring (yttria-stabilized zirconia)

Peak Designs Out front bike mount mounted

Out Front Bike Mount

Retails for $69.95

The Out Front Bike Mount is a great way to mount your phone positioned out in front of your handlebars on rides. To mount it, you can use the supplied thumb or hex screws. Using Peak Design’s SlimLink Magnetic locking technology, the Out Front Bike Mount can hold your phone in portrait or landscape mode. The included thumb screw allows for quick positioning to flip your phone around and film your ride. The Out Front Bike Mount includes a GoPro-style accessory mount for attaching a bike light or action camera. It also comes with handlebar mounting collars to fit 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8 bar diameters.

Overall dimensions: 11.4cm x 5.1cm x 6.3cm (4.5″ x 2″ x 2.5″)
Mount Head: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.7cm (2.2″ x 2.2″ x 0.3″)

With hex screw and no collars: 87.1g (3.07 oz)
With hex screw and small collars: 88.6g (3.12 oz)
With hex screw and medium collars: 92.2g (3.25 oz)
With hex screw and large collars: 92.9g (3.27oz)
GoPro-style accessory mount: 8.3g (0.29oz)
Thumb screw: 8.8g (0.31oz)

Machined/anodized aluminum mounting head & arm
Grippy silicone mounting pad with Tinuvin 770 UV-stabilizer
Polycarbonate bar sizing collars
PVD coated stainless steel hardware
High-temp neodymium mounting magnets

Peak Designs mini tripod deployed 2

Peak Designs mini tripod deployed Peak Designs mini tripod in hand

Mobile Tripod

Retails for $79.95

The Mobile Tripod seems to be a very stable, impressively compact tripod. The three full aluminum legs look and feel really strong, fully articulate, have vibration/anti-slip rubber feet, and can pack down really flat to fit in your pocket. It uses the same SlimLink magnetic locking system as the other products making your phone attachment ultra-secure. The micro ball head was engineered by Peak Design’s tripod engineers to ensure an ultra-smooth feel.

9.7cm x 5.5cm (3.8″ x 2.2″)
Thickness (bottom) 4.75mm (0.2″)
Thickness (top): 7.5mm (0.3″)

76g (2.68oz)

Machined/anodized aluminum body and legs
Grippy silicone mounting pad with Tinuvin 770 UV-stabilizer
PVD coated stainless steel hardware
High-temp neodymium mounting magnets
Molded TPU anti-slip, vibration-damping feet

I will be doing a full, hands-on review of these three products in the future. So don’t forget to check back regularly.

Now, go check out ALL of the great gear at Peak Design!


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