Electric Vehicles For India Electric Cars Charged EVs | Zeem Solutions provides Electric-Trucks-as-a-Service for Kuehne+Nagel

Charged EVs | Zeem Solutions provides Electric-Trucks-as-a-Service for Kuehne+Nagel

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EV fleet-as-a-service (FaaS) provider Zeem Solutions has announced that client Kuehne+Nagel is successfully operating electric box trucks for air cargo freight forwarding at Los Angeles International Airport.

Under Zeem’s FaaS model, Kuehne+Nagel fleet drivers arrive at Zeem’s Los Angeles EV depot, park their personal cars, and drive away with a fully charged medium- or heavy-duty EV to run their routes, taking advantage of driver amenities, regular maintenance and secure overnight vehicle parking, which are all included in a flat monthly fee.

Kuehne+Nagel uses the electric trucks to make pickups and deliveries serving regional warehouses and distribution centers within a 60-to-90-mile radius of LAX. Drivers learn to maximize mileage with training from the Zeem Solutions team.

Zeem Solutions offers a selection of Class 2-8 vehicles. Kuehne+Nagel chose the Sea Electric Hino 195 Class 5 box truck, the Lightning 6500 XD Class 6 box truck and the Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 semi.

Zeem says Kuehne+Nagel is one of many fleets that are operating EVs from Zeem’s LAX depot, which offers nearly 100 EVs and is in the process of installing 77 fast charging ports and 53 Level 2 chargers. During the coming year, Zeem plans to bring its EV FaaS offering to new regions in California and across the US.

“We work closely with our fleet operators to make the transition to EVs smooth and seamless,” said Paul Gioupis, co-founder and CEO of Zeem Solutions. “We handle the infrastructure, charging, maintenance and depot operations, while achieving an EV operating cost near that of a typical diesel truck.”

“We were we able to start operating electric trucks immediately, without waiting for long vehicle lead times or building and installing any EV charging, which made it an easy and cost-effective decision,” said Kuehne+Nagel Senior VP Bill Kascel.

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