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Enduro Bearings announces XD15 Directline Derailleur Pulleys

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Following release of their new MaxHit line of Headsets and Bottom Brackets, Enduro Bearings are back packing low-friction, durable bearings into something new; the all-new XD15 Directline Derailleur Pulleys. Available for Shimano Road, Gravel & MTB 11 and 12 speed gearing, as well as SRAM Road and MTB 11 and 12 speed gearing, these new pulley wheels are home to their corrosion-proof XD15 Ceramic-Hybrid bearings supporting Teflon-infused 500 AF Delrin pulleys which are said to dramatically reduce friction.

Enduro Bearings Directline Derailleur Pulleys

enduro bearings directline derailleur pulleys xd15

Coming this fall are fresh low-friction derailleur pulleys from Enduro Bearings. The pulley wheels themselves are precision CNC-machined from Teflon-infused 500 AF Delrin, a hard-wearing polymer that is said to significantly reduce friction between the pulley and the chain, while offering less drag as compared to pulleys made of aluminum or titanium. 

The upper pulley bearing has a “tight clearance” construction, said to maximize shifting accuracy. The lower pulley bearing is of the “loose clearance” type, adapted to allow for some lateral movement brought about by the different chain line positions. The Directline hubcap is said to nest securely in recesses as a bad weather shield, whilst also offering aerodynamic benefits.

We hope to get some more images and info on these Directline Pulleys, and how much they will cost, at Eurobike this week. Stay tuned.



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