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Does Xanax cause weight gain?

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weight gain

Xanax (alprazolam) is a medicinal drug applied generally for the acute management of anxiety issues – especially panic disorder.  When administered, Xanax crosses the blood-mind barrier and modulates the activation of GABAA receptor alpha-1 subunits.  This GABAergic modulation hyperpolarizes neurons thru chloride ion inflow and induces poor membrane potentials.

The induction of negative membrane potentials makes neurons less in all likelihood to hearth or secrete neurotransmitters in the brain.  Essentially, reduced neuronal activation from the movement of Xanax decreases hobby inside the CNS (valuable fearful machine) and yields results like mental rest, slowed thought speed, myorelaxation, cognitive impairment, and/or drowsiness.

Xanax (Alprazolam) & Weight Gain vs. Weight Loss (Potential Causes)

Data from randomized managed trials indicate that Xanax is not likely to motivate clinically great weight gain (characterized as a 7% frame weight growth from baseline).  However, consequences of more than one 8-week randomized managed trial suggest that ongoing Xanax management (at mild doses) can also reason modest weight reduction in a subset of recipients.

Understand that despite the fact that clinical trials record common prevalence rates of facet results (e.G. Weight exchange), your experience is probably inconsistent with the research.  In other words, there’s a risk that you could be an “outlier” or ordinary responder such that you emerge as gaining or losing appreciably extra weight than other Xanax customers.

Possible motives a person would possibly revel in weight alternate whilst taking Xanax consist of appetite trade; frame composition alternate; energy level fluctuation; and/or shift in metabolic rate.  Moreover, it’s vital to underscore that the underlying motive(s) of weight alternating among Xanax customers could be difficult to good-sized interindividual variation; what causes weight change for one consumer – may not give an explanation for the weight exchange of some other.

Appetite exchange: Several types of research endorse that Xanax can reason appetite exchange as a side impact. A look at via O’Sullivan et al. (1994) published in the British Medical Journal stated appetite loss is a result of Xanax remedy.  A have a look at by way of Noyes et al. (1988) mentioned improved urge for food as a side impact of Xanax, however, in this take look, appetite increase turned into [counterintuitively] accompanied with the aid of weight loss.  Other research by way of Evans et al. (1999) and Haney et al. (1997) mentioned an accelerated urge for food from Xanax.  If you experience a vast appetite boom or lower even as using Xanax – comprehend this might cause weight benefit or weight reduction, respectively.

Anxiety symptoms: If you’ve been diagnosed with a tension ailment, the neurophysiology associated with your particular anxiety disease may additionally have affected your weight – causing you to grow to be overweight or underweight. Some humans claim that their anxiety suppresses appetite and causes fidgeting, while others may also locate that their tension will increase appetite – and makes it hard to prevent ingesting.  Assuming an untreated tension disorder was affecting your dietary behavior, movement, and/or metabolism – then treating the tension disorder with Xanax would possibly help your body recalibrate to a wholesome weight (from being underweight or overweight) – possibly accounting for weight advantage or loss at some stage in remedy.

Cognitive impairment: A not unusual aspect impact of Xanax management, specifically over the long term, is cognitive impairment. If your cognition turns impaired from the usage of Xanax, it’s possible that this impairment might alter your capacity to self-alter (or exercise strength of will) around food to prevent overeating.  Cognitive impairment may additionally intervene with one’s ability to plan wholesome food, which can result in weight advantage.  On the opposite hand, if elements of memory emerge as impaired, reminiscence deficits might lead a few individuals to forget about food, likely yielding weight loss.

Fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness: Xanax is thought to inhibit excitatory neurotransmission inside the brain and decrease activation of the CNS (vital nervous system). As a result, most Xanax customers will revel in physical and mental relaxation – followed by way of fatigue, lethargy, and drowsiness.  If you enjoy even a modest amount of fatigue in the course of the remedy, this fatigue might result in lower bodily pastime (in comparison to pre-treatment), which could cause weight gain.

Food cravings: One cause Xanax would possibly purpose weight advantage in sure users is because of the induction of meal cravings. A study regarding women with premenstrual syndrome discovered that acute administration of Xanax (zero. Seventy-five mg) triggered meal cravings – especially for fatty ingredients, which brought about extended caloric consumption.  Although food cravings haven’t been stated in non-PMS girls or men – it’s feasible that Xanax might induce cravings via modulation of pastime in positive mind regions just like the hypothalamus and ventral tegmental location.

Gastrointestinal reactions: Research shows that Xanax remedy may additionally reason gastrointestinal facet outcomes in a vast percentage of customers. For instance, in medical trials amongst sufferers with panic disorder, common gastrointestinal reactions to Xanax protected: constipation, diarrhea, and bloating.  If you experience constipation and/or edema from Xanax, it’s possible that these reactions may account for weight advantage (due to the fact that your frame is wearing more undigested meals, and retaining greater water weight than traditional).  Oppositely, the response of diarrhea may purpose weight reduction because of poorer meal absorption, electricity garage, and water loss.

Hormone adjustments: Xanax might cause weight trade by altering hormone concentrations all through the body. Research indicates that Xanax can adjust: the cortisol, glucocorticoid, and triiodothyronine (T3) stage inside the body.  Moreover, a few speculate that Xanax may modulate different hormones like leptin, ghrelin, neuropeptide Y, luteinizing hormone, testosterone, and estrogen.  If Xanax appreciably alters hormone concentrations, the alterations ought to affect appetite, resting metabolic fee, muscle synthesis, and fats garage – in all likelihood accounting for sizeable weight alternate among users.

Metabolism shifting: While under the effect of Xanax, someone’s resting metabolic rate may also substantially shift from its pre-Xanax baseline. If Xanax notably modifies your ranges of hormones and/or causes you to become much less physically lively (because of drowsiness or fatigue), this could gradually your resting metabolic rate.  A slowing of your resting metabolic charge shows that your frame will burn energy at relaxation – which can yield a weight advantage.  Conversely, if your resting metabolic fee by some means accelerates even as taking Xanax, this could yield weight reduction.

Muscle loss: Some researchers consider that Xanax may also purpose modest weight reduction thru muscle catabolism. More mainly, it’s been recommended that the myorelaxant effect of Xanax results in less muscular work or output in many individuals, and this reduction in muscle paintings may purpose a lack of lean mass over a span of months – in all likelihood accounting for weight loss.  If you’re losing weight on Xanax, realize that the weight reduction can be greater attributable to muscle loss – in preference to fat loss (now not something that the general public want).

Nausea & vomiting: In trials of Xanax amongst patients with panic ailment, nausea and vomiting occurred as facet consequences in up to 22% of patients. If you turn out to be extremely nauseous and/or enjoy common vomiting at the same time as the usage of Xanax, these aspect effects may want to intervene together with your appetite – and in the long run, decrease your caloric consumption, likely inflicting weight reduction.  Moreover, frequent vomiting might also interfere with food absorption and dehydrate the frame to account for weight loss.

Social consuming: If you had extraordinarily high anxiety prior to using Xanax, however now your tension is below managed from Xanax remedy, there’s a hazard which you may come to be extra sociable – or engage in more social activities (than you did with unmanaged tension). Because a totally popular social pastime is “going out to eat” at restaurants, some Xanax users might turn out to be eating out more regularly (than they did earlier than remedy).  Considering that dining out is related to consumption of big portion sizes and calorie-dense foods – this conduct would possibly account for weight benefit in a subset of Xanax customers.

Taste changes: Anecdotal reports online suggest that some people revel in altered flavor beliefs at the same time as underneath have an effect on Xanax. For a subset of those people, the taste is more advantageous and food is perceived as greater satisfying or profitable because of Xanax.  For others, food might flavor worse than usual.  Moreover, it’s been stated that if Xanax is chewed (in place of swallowed) – this will go away a bitter or ugly aftertaste within the mouth, in all likelihood main to appetite suppression.  If you locate that Xanax alters your notion of taste, this will affect your caloric consumption – in all likelihood main to extensive weight exchange at some stage in remedy.

Xanax (Alprazolam) & Weight Change (The Research)

Documented under are summaries of trials wherein the effect of Xanax on body weight changed into suggested or referred to.  In the scientific literature, there have been only a few reports suggesting that Xanax treatment alters frame weight as a side impact.  Nevertheless,  small-scale research advocates that acute Xanax administration can also boom caloric consumption amongst ladies with PMS – and healthy adult males.

If acute Xanax management will increase caloric consumption, there’s a purpose to accepting as true with that this can yield good-sized weight gain in a subset of customers.  However, a couple of eight-week trials of Xanax for the treatment of tension issues recommend that Xanax might reason clinically-applicable weight reduction, regardless of whether or not appetite will increase or decrease.

Does Xanax purpose weight advantage or weight loss? (Evaluating the studies)

Based on the to-be-had research, it’s tough to elucidate the precise impact of Xanax on body weight.  An examination by way of Evans et al. (1999) mentioned that acute Xanax management drastically accelerated caloric intake by as much as 26% among women with PMS.  Although this changed into a quick-term, small-scale trial, it’s fair to infer (based totally on the results) that Xanax may cause weight advantage in women experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Another examination by way of Haney et al. (1997) referred to that acute Xanax administration multiplied each day’s caloric intake by means of ~975 kcal in 17 healthful males as compared to a placebo.  While this changed into a short-time period trial constrained to male members, it’s reasonable to anticipate (based on the results) that the Xanax remedy may cause weight gain.

Acute & low-dose Xanax: Weight advantage. Multiple research advises that acute Xanax management at low doses (zero.75 mg) appreciably will increase caloric intakes of ladies with PMS and healthful adult males. In ladies with PMS, caloric intakes expanded by way of 9% to 26% and were most massive amongst women characterized as “confined eaters” (women who normally restrain themselves around food).  In wholesome adult males, caloric intakes multiplied by way of ~975 kcal are consistent with the day even when using Xanax.

Longer-term & high-dose Xanax: Weight loss. Two randomized controlled trials endorse that Xanax is in all likelihood to result in modest weight reduction when used every day for an extended term (8 weeks) at clinically-applicable doses (5-6 mg). In one of the research, weight loss become associated with the urge for food loss, while in the other, weight reduction came about despite accelerated appetite.

Research by O’Sullivan et al. (1994) documented that each day of Xanax (~5 mg) management for eight weeks brought about modest weight reduction amongst men and women with anxiety problems.  Another look by Noyes et al. (1988) stated that every day Xanax (~five.7 mg) administration for eight weeks precipitated modest weight reduction in folks with anxiety issues.  Moreover, a file within the British Medical Journal through Oswald and Adam (1980) recommended that benzodiazepines (much like Xanax) yield weight loss while administered over a moderate (5-month) duration.

Overall, it seems as even though people using low doses of Xanax sporadically (or “as needed”) can be vulnerable to brief bouts of weight gain from overeating, people administering better doses of Xanax over an extended-time period may also enjoy modest weight loss.  That stated, if weight change takes place from the use of Xanax – it’s not likely to be a tremendous quantity.

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