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Charged EVs | ZF introduces electric drive for commercial vehicles

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ZF has introduced several new e-mobility systems designed for commercial vehicles, including an electric drive, a vehicle power take-off system and a power steering system.

The CeTrax 2 electric drive is composed of two oil-cooled e-motors, two 800 V SiC inverters and a three-speed gearbox. The modular system designed for heavy-duty vehicles provides continuous power of 360 kW and peak torque of 24,700 Nm for vehicles weighing up to 44 tons.

“With all components integrated within a compact single unit, CeTrax 2 allows manufacturers to offer both conventional ICE and electric drivelines on the same vehicle platform,” says the company. “In addition to enabling the quicker electrification of existing vehicle platforms, it enables high power and torque, lightweight design (approximately 385 kg) and enhanced e-drive efficiency of up to 96 percent.”

ZF says it will be produced starting in 2023.

The eWorX electric power take-off system is designed to power the on-board work equipment of commercial vehicles.

“As a fully integrated system, eWorX offers significant value for vehicle and body manufacturers as a modular, standardized and intelligent system that combines all the functions required for the electrification of on-board equipment in a single compact unit,” says ZF.

ZF’s Electric Power Steering (EPS) system is designed for coaches, city buses and medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

“Built to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL D), available in 24 V and 48 V variants and supporting outputs up to 8,000 Nm, the modular EPS has a scalable design, meeting diverse packaging requirements,” says ZF.

EPS also supports steer-by-wire and up to Level 5 autonomy.

“As an active steering system, EPS can integrate with ADAS to support safety functions including, for example, continuous lane-keeping,” says the company.

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