Electric Vehicles For India Electric Cars Charged EVs | Webinar: How to successfully launch a connected battery gigafactory enabled by MES

Charged EVs | Webinar: How to successfully launch a connected battery gigafactory enabled by MES

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Sponsored by Rockwell Automation.

Maximize production with smart, flexible solutions.

Launching a connected battery Gigafactory is no small undertaking. And when you’re focused on setting up an environment to deliver enough power for the world’s growing volume of electric vehicles, you need to feel confident that you can meet demand through a smart and scalable production strategy that allows you to build growth from the start.

Battery makers have a diverse mix of production needs. You must be able to maximize battery production rates to meet exponential demand growth. You need track-and-trace capabilities to consistently deliver high-quality, safe batteries. And you must be able to adjust on the fly to keep up with the rapid evolution of battery technology.

Join this webinar on March 30, 2022 to learn how to successfully launch a battery gigafactory and how Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is making all this and more possible.

Presented by:

Cliff Rice, Global Industry Consultant, Electric Vehicle & Battery Manufacturing, Rockwell Automation
Cliff is focused on cutting-edge technologies and has spent the past 7 years supporting some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Cliff has held various roles, including application engineer, engineering site lead, and principal engineer of the Rockwell Automation EV Innovation Center.

John Miles, Global Head of Future Mobility, Rockwell Automation
John Miles is leading the global Electric Vehicle & Battery businesses for Rockwell Automation. In this role, John leads all sales, marketing, and business development efforts for the Electric Vehicle & Battery industries worldwide.

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