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Charged EVs | Rincon Power introduces new 900 V, 350 A contactor

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Rincon Power has announced a new addition to its line of sealed contactors and manual disconnect switches.  The new RXC35 is a hermetically sealed contactor that offers the ability to isolate high-voltage systems in a compact and robust package. 

The RXC35 offers 350 A of continuous current carry capability for applications ranging from 12 V to 900 V DC.  The single-pole, single-throw (SPST) relay features optional auxiliary contacts that can be used as part of a high-voltage safety circuit, for status feedback and for weld detection. 

The contactor features low contact resistance, ensuring minimal heat generation and low loss.  The hermetic seal allows the unit to be operated in virtually any environment, while also ensuring no contact oxidation over the life of the switch.  The contactor can be installed in any orientation, even upside-down, providing maximum installation flexibility for even the most challenging packaging arrangements.

According to Markus Beck, Rincon Power’s Vice President of Sales, “Our 350 A RXC35 series offers an attractive solution for switching high-voltage systems in a compact package.  It’s a drop-in replacement for customers seeking alternative suppliers to streamline and improve their supply chains.  This contactor has been successfully integrated in numerous applications [including] electric vehicles, buses, off-road equipment, marine applications, and a wide range of high-voltage battery systems.”

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