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Charged EVs | Rev Fire Group unveils electric fire truck

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REV Fire Group, which includes several manufacturers of fire-fighting apparatus, displayed a North American-style fully electric fire truck called Vector at the recent Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis.

The new electric fire truck, which was developed with technology partner Emergency One Group, sports a 316 kWh battery pack, and enables firefighters to both drive and pump on electric power only. Designed with the same components used in diesel-driven fire apparatus, Vector’s electric motor takes the place of the diesel engine, driving the pump or the rear axle in normal split-shaft operation. The battery placement gives it a low center of gravity, which delivers better cornering and more predictable handling.

“We developed the ultimate fully electric fire truck without sacrificing the critical elements that firefighters value in the North American style, responding to our customer demand for cleaner technology, reduced noise pollution and lower carbon footprint,” said Kent Tyler, President of REV Fire Group.

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