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Charged EVs | Resistor specifications for EVs (download free whitepaper)

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Understanding Resistor Specifications

EV manufacturers across the globe are racing to keep up with consumer demand. As EV adoption skyrockets faster than ever, in some cases consumers are facing months-long waitlists for these cutting-edge vehicles. 

Without advanced power electronics and innovative resistor technologies, however, none of this would be possible. As a critical component of the long-term success of EVs and their associated infrastructure, Resistor Specifications and How to Interpret Them will highlight resistor specifications, how to look at the key terms that turn up in manufacturer datasheets, and what they really mean.

Choosing a resistor requires careful thought depending on application needs. In EVs, for instance, resistors can be found under the hood of the EV itself to charging and test stations – with each application requiring a unique set of considerations. 

Before selecting a resistor, it’s critical to:

  • Determine the Resistance.
  • Determine the watts to be dissipated by the resistor.
  • Determine the proper physical size as controlled by watts, volts, permissible temperatures, mounting conditions and circuit conditions.
  • Choose the most suitable unit, including type, terminals and mounting.

Among the common parameters associated with a resistor are: Resistance, Temperature Coefficient Rating of Resistance, Voltage Rating, Power Rating, Derating, Tolerance, Maximum Temperature, Resistor Construction Type and Mounting Configuration. Read on to find out exactly what each one means and why they matter. 

Once you have a firm understanding of this process, the right power electronics will work to ensure safe, reliable functionality of the design. To learn more, download a free copy of the full whitepaper: Resistor Specifications and How to Interpret Them today.

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