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Charged EVs | Phihong’s new residential, commercial and fleet chargers

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Power supply manufacturer Phihong Technology has unveiled a new portfolio of EV charging solutions for a variety of charging applications, including residential, commercial and fleet chargers. Phihong’s technology also includes large-scale charging infrastructure such as EV charging hubs.

Phihong’s portfolio of charging solutions includes DC fast chargers ranging from 30 to 360 kW, and Level 2 EVSE ranging from 16 to 48 amps, as well as portable chargers and a cloud-based management platform. The company’s mobile app enables users to find chargers, schedule charging and monitor charging status. System operators can monitor the status of individual EV chargers and perform remote updates and maintenance.

Phihong’s new products include:

  • The Dual Gun Dispenser, a compact charging station designed to minimize space usage when installed in a parking lot
  • The 4th-generation Media Charger, which offers an advertising and media display platform
  • The 4th-generation Depot Charger, a modular, automated charging system that is suspended from the ground at a height of 5 meters to charge electric buses, and is compatible with all standard charging technology specifications
  • The 4th-generation Separate Charger, a modular system designed for large open spaces

Phihong offers a comprehensive service to energy companies and fleet operators, which includes planning, design, construction and setup, including real-time monitoring of chargers and payment infrastructure.

All Phihong products have earned the IATF16949 automotive quality certification.

“We set up our specialist EV division a decade ago,” said Manny Huguez, head of EV Charger Strategic Channel Development. “Today, Phihong’s tried-and-tested technology is designed to meet the various and dynamic needs of a booming EV market.”

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