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Charged EVs | Orange EV unveils third generation of its electric yard trucks


Orange EV isn’t exactly a household name, but the truck manufacturer deployed its first electric yard truck in 2015, and now has some 400 trucks in operation in the US. Now Orange has announced a new generation of its T-Series electric yard trucks (aka terminal tractors or yard goats).

The 2022 e-TRIEVER features subsystems designed to integrate with autonomous control systems, along with digital cab architecture, improved sensing, remote diagnostic capabilities, and an optional IntelliBoom package that captures fifth-wheel load weight, boom lift cycles, and kingpin presence and retention data.

The 4×2 e-TRIEVER has a GCWR of 81,000 pounds, a top speed of up to 25 mph, a brushless AC induction motor, and a battery capacity of 100 or 180 kWh. It can charge at a rate of up to 70 kW, and can run up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Orange says custom builds can be delivered in 90-120 days.

“Trusted by more than 120 fleets across the United States and Canada, Orange EV electric trucks are proven to deliver 98-99% average uptime and a lower total cost of ownership, with many customers experiencing a 3- to 4-year payback on a 10-year expected life,” says the company.

“Orange EV’s vision is to excel on all fronts: the lowest cost of ownership, highest up-time, best service, highest quality, longest life, and most beneficial for drivers,” said Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV President and CTO.

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