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Charged EVs | Kyocera AVX introduces automotive-qualified supercapacitors

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Kyocera AVX introduces automotive-qualified supercapacitors

US electronic components manufacturer Kyocera AVX has launched its first automotive-qualified supercapacitors, also known as cylindrical, electrochemical, double-layer capacitors.

According to the company, its five SCC Series supercapacitors are tested and qualified to the AEC-Q200 standard, meeting test conditions designed to replicate the mechanical and electrical conditions in automotive applications. They are rated for 25 F and 2.7 V, 100 F and 2.7 V, 10 F and 3 V, 35 F and 3 V, and 100 F and 3 V, and also comply with UL 810A, RoHS and REACH requirements.

The company says the new supercapacitors can be used alone or with primary or secondary batteries to extend backup times and battery life and leverage instantaneous pulse power, and are suitable for such applications as electronic mechanical latching, emergency calling, electronic recording, regenerative braking, and power and backup power systems. 

“We introduced the first SCC Series supercapacitors in October 2016,” said Mamoon Abedraboh, Kyocera Global Product Manager. “In the years since, they have proven to deliver high-quality, high-reliability performance, optimal pulse power handling characteristics, and an impressive price-performance ratio in industrial and consumer applications all around the world. We’re excited to offer solutions with those same outstanding characteristics to our automotive customers.”

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