Charged EVs | Keysight Technologies launches new DC emulator designed for testing EV fast charging

Test and measurement technology company Keysight Technologies has introduced a new DC emulator product series, which is designed for EV fast charging applications.

“Our next-generation high-power DC emulators, based on silicon-carbide technology, are greater than 96% efficient and provide more power and higher voltages in less space, when compared to similar systems,” says Keysight VP Thomas Goetzl. “When combined with the SL1047A Charging Discovery System, it enables our customers to test all aspects of high-power DC fast charging in their lab.”

The SL1800A series Scienlab Regenerative DC Emulator can emulate EV batteries up to 1,500 V and up to 900 A, and can accommodate DC charging testing up to 270 kW.

The company says the emulator also has a “regenerative system that returns power to the grid when acting as an electronic load during EV battery emulation/charging tests.”

Source: Keysight Technologies

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