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Charged EVs | Inobat and Gotion partner to develop EV battery cells and packs

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Inobat and Gotion partner to develop EV battery cells and packs

European battery manufacturer InoBat and Chinese battery manufacturer Hefei Gotion have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore joint venture opportunities to develop EV battery and energy storage technologies.

The partnership will leverage Gotion’s expertise in electric storage solutions and InoBat’s existing manufacturing sites and extensive market connections in Europe. The companies will maintain their independent businesses and chemistries, but aim to devise new technologies by working together on common topics of interest, including:

  • co-development of a JV gigafactory with cell and pack production capacity of 40 GWh to support EV applications;
  • technical cooperation based on the companies’ respective advantages in LFP and NMC batteries;
  • co-developing the potential for ESS battery production at existing InoBat premises in Slovakia;
  • investigating recycling concepts for production scrap and end-of-life batteries.

“Gotion is an ideal partner for InoBat,” said InoBat founder and CEO Marian Bocek. “Like us, they firmly believe that a sustainable future is only achievable if the energy, and the products that provide this energy, can be both sourced and recycled in a sustainable manner, sharing the cradle-to-cradle ethos that lies at the heart of InoBat.”

“Gotion High-Tech intends to carry out a comprehensive cooperation with InoBat in battery technology innovation, localized production of EV batteries in Eastern Europe as part of a green-energy Eco-Park,  battery recycling, etc,” said Gotion CTO Steven Cai. “We believe that this cooperation will yield win-win results and create a better future in the EV battery field. It will be part of Gotion High-Tech’s business plan of establishing 100 GWh of battery production capacity in the overseas market by 2025 and help to advance the international development of the company in Europe.”

Source: Inobat via Battery Tech Hub


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