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Charged EVs | Geely launches new Radar EV brand

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The Geely Holding Group has launched a new EV brand, Radar Auto, which it describes as an “electric outdoors lifestyle vehicle brand.” The first model from the new make will be an “adventure vehicle,” the RD6 pickup truck.

The Radar brand is “starting with trucks, but is much more than just trucks.” The lineup will also include SUVs, ATVs and “other lifestyle products.”

Radar has an R&D facility in Hangzhou and an EV production facility in Zibo, Shandong, where it will begin production of the Radar RD6 in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Few details of the RD6 have been announced—the company says only that it will be offered in single- and dual-motor versions, and that it will sport a front trunk under the hood as well as an external charging feature.

Dr. Ling Shi Quan, the new CEO of Radar Auto, said, “Understanding this new market segment and creating a new brand specifically for these unique users has been the highlight of my career so far. Radar Auto will be purpose-driven from the outset and that purpose is to allow users to explore the world in a more sustainable way.”

Automotive designer Peter Horbury has been lending his design support for the development of the Radar brand from his design studio in the UK. “The Radar product portfolio is focused on electric pickup trucks and SUVs,” he said. “This direction challenges us to mix functionality and usability with aesthetic form.”

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