Electric Vehicles For India Electric Cars Charged EVs | DOE announces new collaboration with utilities and EV industry to develop V2X charging infrastructure

Charged EVs | DOE announces new collaboration with utilities and EV industry to develop V2X charging infrastructure

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The DOE is overseeing a collaboration among utilities, national labs, state and local governments, automakers and other organizations that aims to advance the development of V2X technology. The Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Memorandum of Understanding will “bring together cutting-edge resources from DOE, utilities and private entities to evaluate technical and economic feasibility as we integrate bidirectional charging into energy infrastructure,” says the DOE.

Bidirectional EVs “present immense potential for increasing the country’s energy security, resilience, economic vitality, and quality of life while supporting the electrical grid. A bidirectional EV fleet could serve as both a sustainable mobility option as well as an energy storage asset that sends power back to everything from critical loads and homes to the grid.”

“Integrating charging technology that powers vehicles and simultaneously pushes energy back into the electrical grid is a win-win for the future of clean transportation and our energy resilience overall,” said Deputy Secretary of Energy Dave Turk.

Participants in the V2X MOU include the California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, as well as several California utilities. Automaker participants include Ford, GM, Nissan, Lucid and Lion Electric. Other EV industry participants include V2X pioneers Fermata Energy, Nuvve and Rhombus Energy Solutions.

“V2X technologies are essential to accelerating the adoption of EVs and to scaling renewable energy on the grid,” said Fermata CEO David Slutzky. “We are excited to build on our existing partnerships with many of the MOU members, by working with regulators to expand the reach of V2X and demonstrate its value to consumers, utilities, OEMs and communities.”

“Since our founding, we have been focused on vehicle grid integration technology with a strong focus on bidirectional vehicle charging, and we look forward to showing how Nuvve’s intelligent energy management platform bridges the gap between the energy and transportation sectors,” said Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne.

“We are committed to working with utilities and other stakeholders to create a V2X solution that supports the utility grid and our operations,” said Kevin L. Matthews, Head of Electrification for First Student, a major school bus operator. “We believe that school buses are ideally suited to do just that.”

“Bringing together critical infrastructure teams and DOE is essential in order to accelerate the deployment of V2X,” said Rick Sander, CEO of Rhombus Energy Solutions. “DOE can play an important role in driving the compliance to a standard that allows rapid adoption and moves us all closer to our zero emission goals.”

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