Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Cane Creek introduces eeSilk Suspension Stem with… a lockout lever?

Cane Creek introduces eeSilk Suspension Stem with… a lockout lever?

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Suspension stems are one potential option to take some of the sting out of rough terrain. But what about those times you’d prefer something a little more… rigid? That seems to be what Cane Creek is offering with their new eeSilk suspension stem–suspension when you want it, stiffer when you don’t.

cane creek eesilk stems

A suspension stem is perhaps an expected move from a company that already offers multiple suspension seat post options, but the eeSilk Stem’s Compliance Switch may come as a surprise. The stems are built with an elastomer suspension design that offers up to 20mm of adjustable travel.

how to change out cane creek eesilk elastomerCane Creek eeSilk elastomer stiffness chart

Those elastomers were developed based on riding style rather than rider weight, and can be swapped out with a single bolt. Stock elastomer stiffness depends on the stem length, and each stem includes two additional elastomers.

Cane Creek eeSilk compliance switch

For those times you’d prefer less movement to the stem, there is a Compliance Switch that moves from soft to firm. This won’t be a fully rigid “lockout” but it should keep movement to a minimum for smooth pavement or times where you’d prefer a firmer feel. Claimed weight is 225-235g per stem.

Cane Creek eeSilk launch edition stem

Cane Creek eesilk stem launch edition titanium

The eeSilk Stem will be offered in black and in 80, 90, and 100mm lengths. There will also be a limited Launch Edition that looks like a perfect match for eeWings titanium cranks, but it will only be available in 90mm lengths. Both models are offered in +6º angles and for 31.8mm stems only, and are priced at $229.99. Stems are available now on backorder and are expected to ship late June.



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