Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Best Random Tech finds at Sea Otter: New Reserve valves, Ingrid, SDG, ALMSTHRE, Rockshox, Chris King & more

Best Random Tech finds at Sea Otter: New Reserve valves, Ingrid, SDG, ALMSTHRE, Rockshox, Chris King & more

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Here are a few of the best little tech finds from Sea Otter Classic (and a pre-party builders’ event), with drivetrain and cockpit tech, bags and gear, and more.

If you’re looking for alternatives for your gravel bike or mountain bike drivetrain, Ingrid was showing off some versatile new options with massive compatibility. The derailleur ($715) will work with Shimano and SRAM 11-speed shifters for road and mountain, SRAM MTB 12-speed Eagle groups, and Campagnolo 12-speed road groups.

It’ll even work with Campy’s 13-speed Ekar shifters, though you’ll have to set the limit screws to restrict it to 12 cogs. Then just pair it with the appropriate cassette of your choice from their catalog. Why? Because maybe you wanna mix up the gearing, or maybe you need an XD-Driver Body cassette for your favorite wheels because they don’t offer a Campy freehub body.

ingrid 13 speed direct mount chainrings for gravel and mountain bikes

Their direct-mount chainrings are now 13-speed Ekar compatible, too, while still working perfectly fine with 11- and 12-speed chains. They’re good for road, gravel, or mountain bikes, and they even have a new SuperBoost axle width option for their completely modular system.

ingrid CNC lightweight alloy crank arms

Their CRS-POP crankset’s design was first made with the bored-out reliefs on the back to save weight, then they added the dots to the front for artist flair, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. They’re designed for CX to gravel to XC and weigh in at about 520g with spindle.

Choose from three lengths and 10 colors, then pick your spindle and chainring. Check it all out at Ingrid.bike.

ALMSTHRE downsizes their handlebar bag

almsthre mini handlebar bag

ALMSTHRE has added a smaller handlebar burrito bag (original size shown on bottom). Called the Compact Bag Bar, it’s 4″ round and 7.5″ long to deliver 1.5L capacity. Like the original, it gets waterproof zippers, three accessory loops, and adjustable mounting straps and loop.

Their bags use a water-resistant outer material over a “hardshell” design to help it hold its shape and make it easier to open with one hand. A mesh pocket inside provides a bit of organization. MSRP is $55.

almsthre cycling wallets and fanny packs

They also make ride wallets, mid-sized saddlebags, and waist packs, all in coordinated colors, with past season’s hues on sale as of this post.

Rockshox Flight Attendant fork damper

rockshox flight attendant damper removed from fork

Here’s what the Rockshox Flight Attendant fork damper looks like pulled out of the stanchions. The electronics bolt onto it after the damper cartridge is installed, since it has to be threaded into the fork leg.

If you’re seeing this for the first time, Flight Attendant is Rockshox’s electronic automatic lockout system powered by their AXS batteries and pairs a fork and shock to optimize their modes based on the terrain. Full details in our launch coverage.

Reserve Fillmore tubeless valves get longer for aero rims

New Reserve valves for road bike wheels


Like the high-flow design of Reserve’s Fillmore tubeless valve stems but need something longer for aero road bike wheels? Now you’ve got it, with 70mm and 90mm versions.

reserve high flow tubeless valve stems in longer lengths for aero road bike wheels

Just press your pump onto it and start inflating, no more twisting open the core’s cap.

Fillmore valve for Reserve 65 wheels

The 70mm fits rims from 30-48mm deep, and the 90mm fits 48-68mm deep rims. Combined with the original 50mm that fits 18-28mm deep rims, these should cover most users. Retail is $50 per pair, which is about 2x to 2.5x standard valves. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Reserve tubeless sealant and tape plus new Fillmore valves

We also got a sneak peek at the new rim tape and tubeless sealant Reserve has been working on. The sealant claims to use a biodegradable natural fiber for the additive to plug leaks that stays suspended in the fluid for better performance. Pricing and Availability TBA.

Radius Outfitters tool roll bags

radius outfitters tool roll camping equipment bags

We first found Radius Outfitters a while back researching interior storage for the Vanlife…they make a over-cap Gear Loft shelf system for Sprinters that adds storage above the front seats. At Sea Otter, they were showing off their tool wraps, which come in a variety of sizes.

radius outfitters tool roll camping equipment bags

While some versions are marketed as Camp Kitchen Organizers, they work well for bike mechanics with a “no tool left behind” mentality. If you’re looking to be organized at the next outing, race, or camping trip, look no further, and check out their Vanlife collection, too.

SDG improves women’s saddle, takes Bel-Air overlanding

sag allure v2 womens mtb and gravel bike saddles

SDG Component’s Allure V2 is the latest version of their women’s saddle, with improved padding and padding placement. The rear outer sections have firmer foam to better support the sit bones, while the shaping and padding around the center cutout is dramatically changed to cushion the softer parts.

The rear scoop leading into the channel is broader and starts much further back, and the foam around the channel is softer. The rear scuff guard material now sits only on the border, eliminating stitching under the rider, too.

new sag bel-air v3 gravel bike and mtb saddles

The Bel-Air V3 takes their most popular model and adds three distinctly new versions. All three use a new vacuum-formed design that eliminates shell overlap and gluing or stitching for a sleeker, more modern look. They also keep the slight tail kick, which helps put the rider in a power-forward hip rotation.

The standard model (left, yellow graphics) has a shorter, more modern shape with slimmer hips. There’s a cutout in the shell underneath the recessed center channel, but it maintains full coverage. Weights are 235g to 330g depending on rails.

The new Bel-Air V3 Overland (bottom, right) is the first and only Bel-Air model to get a full cutout. Aimed at XC and gravel riders, it has a lower profile padding and slightly less tail kick than the others. It’s a more performance oriented saddle, and comes in at 175g to 235g depending on rails (carbon 7×9 rails being the lightest option).

The Bel-Air V3 Max is the most padded of them all, made for riders who stay seated more…like e-MTBers. The shell is reinforced, and there’s subtle shaping underneath to make it easier to grab and lift the bike from the saddle. Weights are 246g to 310g, no carbon rails offered on this model.

Cutaway of Chris King rear hub

cutaway of chris king rear hub

Chris King didn’t have anything new, probably because he didn’t have to. But it’s never a bad thing to peek inside his hubs, which basically last forever. Above, the toothed drive rings engage thanks to a coiled spring pushing them together, creating that sweet buzzing bee sound when you’re coasting.

That bronze-ish color on the drive rings is from the finishing treatment and will wear off pretty quickly, but it definitely looks cool. If you didn’t know, they machine their own bearing races in house and source US-made balls for them. You’ll find these on their new wheels, which use US-made carbon fiber rims from Fusion Fiber.


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