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Aventon Soltera launched as low-cost commuter e-bike with hidden battery

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Aventon is highly-regarded in the electric bicycle industry for its quality manufacturing. With the newly launched Aventon Soltera electric bike, the brand is now bringing its expertise to the more affordable end of the spectrum. The lower cost model still features the company’s high quality manufacturing and looks like it may edge out other competitors in the category on features.

The Aventon Soltera is primarily a metro-style e-bike designed for city riders.

It is available in either a traditional step-over diamond frame or a more accessible lower-step option. Both frame styles offer two sizes to better fit a range of riders. Whereas most e-bikes these days are heavy models loaded down with big motors and batteries, the Soltera is a throw-it-over-your-shoulder-and-skip-up-the-stairs kind of electric bike.

The lightweight new model tips the scales at just 41 lb (18.6 kg). While that’s fairly heavy compared to a non-electric hipster fixie, it’s well below the average for most city e-bikes in this class.

The minimalist design includes both throttle-enabled electric assist and traditional pedal assist, meaning riders can provide as much or as little of their own effort as they wish.

The Soltera is being positioned as a simple, low-maintenance metro e-bike for commuters.

As the company explained:

The elegant and minimalist design is reminiscent of Aventon’s performance cycling roots, but with an electric charge. The performance-inspired geometric frame allows for a more aggressive riding style with room to still enjoy a relaxing ride. Maneuver your way through the city with the help of the stealthy yet powerful motor, equipped with both a throttle and pedal assist. Or if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, ride the Soltera using your own force and will.

To give riders a choice of drivetrains, the Soltera is available in either a single-speed version (priced at $1,199) or a seven-speed (priced at $1,299).

A 350W rear hub motor powers the bike up to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h), keeping the e-bike just within the confines of Class 2 regulations in the US.


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