Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Campagnolo Big The Corkscrew – The Gold Retails at Just €1,950

Campagnolo Big The Corkscrew – The Gold Retails at Just €1,950

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Filed under “Stocking Filler Ideas” is Campagnolo’s Limited Edition Gold Big Corkscrew; yours for the low, low price of €1,950. This 24kt Gold Plated Corkscrew is heir to screws handed down from a Super Record Crankset made in the 70s. Could there be a better Christmas gift for your beloved Sunday Best road cycling pal? I think not.

“The Gold and Rose Gold corkscrews were designed to reinterpret the creative ingenuity that traditionally distinguishes every Campagnolo product. The timeless quality of an object that is a symbol of Made in Italy design is enhanced by its precious and elegant form. Its beauty and design excellence are combined with extreme functionality. To prevent incorrect extraction of the cork from leaving residue in the wine, the Campagnolo BIG corkscrew is designed so that the screw self-centers on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time” – Campagnolo.

campagnolo the big gold corkscrew

If your interest is piqued but your pockets too shallow, The Big Corkscrew is also available in a Bronze and Satin Finish for just €179.



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