Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes A goodr pair of cycling sunglasses? The uber-Affordable goodr WRAP G is here

A goodr pair of cycling sunglasses? The uber-Affordable goodr WRAP G is here

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Goodr is an eyewear company that has a really fun website and says they design their sunglasses with a special formula of “fun, function, fashion and ‘ffordability” in mind.

They debuted their new WRAP G sunglasses at Sea Otter Classic a few weeks ago. This new offering is a wrap-style eyewear that is coming in some fun colors and looks super sporty. They have removable, anti-slip nose pieces in two sizes to prevent bounce. They claim that the special grip coating and temple grips help to keep the sunglasses on your face. The WRAP G’s utilize a design that is a full wrap (obvi) and goodr states the full wrap design “allows for no obstruction or blind spots” and “increased coverage with better protection against the elements. That means no dirt flying into our customers’ eyes while they’re cycling along a dusty trail or skiing down a volcano”.

The goodr WRAP G also has an anti-fog coating that is “EXTREMELY effective and prevents the inside of this EXTREME wraparound lens from fogging—even with the EXTREMEST sweat”. Nice.

Goodr Wrap G group

Goodr Wrap G closup blue

Goodr Wrap G side red-white-blue

At a reasonable Suggested Retail of $45, you could probably afford to buy one for every day of the week. Just kidding. But seriously, that IS a reasonable price.

You can get the WRAP G in one of six styles:

  • Extreme Dumpster Diving
  • I Do My Own Stunts
  • Look Ma, No Hands!
  • Nuclear Gnar
  • Save a Bull, Ride a Rodeo Clown
  • Scream If You Hate Gravity.

WRAP Gs will be available on May 20th and can be purchased directly from the goodr website; at their Los Angeles-based retail store, the goodr Cabana; and through select retailers nationwide. Here is their store locator to help find a retailer in your neck of the woods. You can also find them at leading national retailers like REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Tilly’s, and more.


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