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A $799 12 lbs Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike, Anyone?


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Excy is looking to help cyclists, and all humans, improve their health with a portable recumbent exercise bike that is lightweight, fold-able, and designed for training anywhere. It is marketed at cyclists rehabilitating injuries; lower limb, upper limb, and back injuries too, as well as at hand cyclists looking for a stationary training option. Its adaptability means it could be useful for a lot of people who find themselves with a reduced number of exercise options for simply getting their heart rate up.

Excy Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Excy was introduced by Michele Mehl and Mike Rector who were themselves looking for portable gym-spec exercise equipment that would allow them to get a good cardiovascular workout in while rehabilitating various injuries. For Michele, a broken leg, two surgeries, a blood clot and then 5-months stuck in a boot, were enough to force her to design and produce her own solution.

The Excy’s versatile design means it can be used while lying down, sitting down, kneeling, standing, and even in the plank position for what I imagine would be a killer core workout. The brand has a large number of training examples on its website for customers to follow. One of 12 examples can be seen below. Importantly, the videos are guided by a trained physical therapist giving advice on the correct ergonomic position. That said, anyone looking to use such equipment would benefit from consulting their own physical therapist to be sure the exercises are right for them.

Resistance is adjustable from 2-70 lbs, and is bi-directional. Excy claim it offers 20x the resistance force and 30x the resistance torque of other portable exercise bikes. The steel cranks are 6″ long (152cm) and can accept any 9/16″ foot or hand pedal.

excy exercise bike portable recumbent hand cyclists injury rehab

As someone currently rehabbing a hamstring tendinopathy, where compressive loading of the tendon in the seated pedalling position is seemingly not a good thing, the Excy has certainly piqued my interest.

Pricing & Availability

The Excy portable stationary recumbent bike is available at three price points, with various add-ons, starting at $699 USD. You can buy one outright, or rent it by paying in installments.



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