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We toured an eBike importer for a peek behind the curtain

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Electrek had the chance to tour EUNORAU’s main USA eBike facility earlier this month. This Chinese importer has undergone a transformation from a white-label startup to a recognized USA brand in its own right. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the people who have steadily built the company at their workplace.

If you’re wondering what the word ‘EUNORAU’ is, you’re not alone. The name is a mix of the first sounds from the words: Europe, North America, and Australia. In Mandarin, it winds up sounding like “you know row” (优诺若 Yōu nuò ruò). The unique name is to convey that this company ships to these places around the globe. About half of the company’s bike business is in the USA, if you’re curious.

We’ve covered many EUNORAU bikes here on Electrek. More recently, we reviewed the Defender S. This fat tire, dual motor, dual suspension beast definitely falls in the “more is more” mindset. Conversely, we’ve also covered the announcement of its sleek roadster electric bike with looks that could kill. Even with these bookend bikes of its lineup, EUNROAU specializes in bargain versions of popular electric bikes.

Battery Repair

Touring the facility was a trip to a castle built from bike boxes. From floor to ceiling the warehouse was stocked up on the first wave of orders for the coming riding season – everything from trikes to mountain bikes, cruisers, camo-clad hunting bikes, scooters, and stacks of spare parts. EUNORAU says that it can get orders throughout North America in about a week or less. The location we visited is one of four locations in North America that ships out bikes and parts to customers.


Service needs are also handled here, where the staff is armed with spare parts and even spare bikes. Next door is a fully operational bicycle service center, including custom battery repair, which EUNORAU leans on from time to time. While this tour wasn’t terribly eventful on the business side, there’s a lot to talk about on the customer-facing side. Really, it was a backward mullet: business in the back, party in the front!

Amy’s Favorite Prototype

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, you can schedule a time to visit EUNORAU for yourself. Although the company has a tiny showroom, it’s packed with all sorts of electric bikes to try out. The current and popular line of bikes is right in front, ready for a quick spin around the block. These 10 or so bikes were fun and all, but I had even more fun in the other room, where EUNORAU has a wealth of older bikes and prototypes that didn’t make it to market (…yet…?). While I was there I tried out a two-seat mini-bike, a pink 1,000w fat tire beast, a torque-sensing hybrid that fits like a glove, and a folding bike that I think I’ve seen before somewhere.

The World needs a Pink eBike Tank

Overall, I had a lot of fun meeting the staff and seeing a bit behind the curtain of this international eBike importer. What I will remember from this trip was trying out new and interesting bikes, seeing the different directions this company might go in the future. Stay tuned to Electrek, where we’ll be coving the upcoming EUNORAU D6, along with other news and reviews.

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