Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes Suunto heatmaps are now visible on Hammerhead, collaboration offers new tracking options as well

Suunto heatmaps are now visible on Hammerhead, collaboration offers new tracking options as well


A new collaboration between Hammerhead and Suunto is opening up a whole new arena of tracking capabilities for cyclists and multisport athletes, including access to heat maps, training features and route finding.

Hammerhead is well known for its Karoo 2 cycling computer. Just last year, the Karoo 2 got a significant upgrade in the CLIMBER update, which was developed with the help of top pros to paint a precise picture of the elevation profiles ahead.

In March, Hammerhead further updated that feature to allow users to use CLIMBER without a preset route, which takes the guesswork out of unfamiliar rides.

Hammerhead CLIMBER on bike

Suunto is likewise known for its GPS watches that keep runners, hikers, and cyclists on track wherever they are. Athletes of every discipline can track their efforts in one space between the two companies.

The new collaboration will allow the Suunto app to monitor the Hammerhead Karoo 2 computer and include heatmaps as an in-device, on-bike feature that will simplify navigation for riders.

Last Friday, all Hammerhead users could connect their Suunto and Hammerhead accounts to gain immediate access to heatmaps that display in real-time.

Suunto partners with Hammerhead to provide heatmaps

The partnership marks the first time a non-Suunto branded device can upload directly to the Suunto app. That means more users to help fill out routes: the more users who connect the two systems, the more extensive the heatmaps become.

To celebrate the new venture and get more folks out on their bikes, Suunto, Hammerhead, and Komoot have tapped pro athletes Freddy Oveltt, Sami Sauri, Greg Hill, Maghalie Rochette, Christian Meier, Lucy Batholomew, Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck to lead an Earth Day-themed charge in the #SeeTheAdventureAhead Earth Day Challenge.

Suunto and Hammerhead contest

The companies have pledged to plant 10,000 trees through the Tree Nation Charity for eligible activities shared via Instagram, Facebook or Komoot from April 22 through May 11.


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