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SUPER73 C1X 75 mph electric motorcycle expected out this year

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The SUPER73 C1X has become a hotly anticipated light electric motorcycle design from Los Angeles-based electric bike company SUPER73. But eager riders may not have to wait that much longer.

[Update March 9, 2023: Ok, they’ll actually have to wait a bit longer than we thought. The OCBJ report from below that included a Spring 2023 rollout date for the C1X turned out to be a bit overly optimistic. SUPER73 has confirmed to us that we’re still looking at a likely 2024 rollout. But with a bike this slick-looking, we can wait.]

According to a recent report by the Orange County Business Journal, the SUPER73 C1X is expected to launch sometime this spring. That would mark a significant shortening of the original timeline, with the company stating a year ago that the bike’s production was expected to begin in “late 2023.”

[Update: Again, the actual release date still seems to be “sometime in 2024”. We regret the misinformation in the original article.]

SUPER73 appears to have doubled down on the new electric motorcycle’s development, with a team of four engineers comprised of two former Rivian employees. The electric truck maker Rivian, in an ironic twist of fate, is in fact working on its own electric bicycle with the help of designers plucked from e-bike companies. There’s no timeline on the Rivian e-bike, so SUPER73’s C1X electric motorcycle could conceivably hit the streets first.

SUPER73 C1X development continues

The SUPER73 C1X doesn’t come with many published specs yet, though we have a general idea of the company’s targets.

A top speed of “at least 75 mph (120 km/h)” and a maximum city range of 100 miles (160 km). Based on the way most light electric motorcycle companies rate city range, that would put the battery pack at an estimated size of at least 5-6 kWh of capacity.

Interestingly, SUPER73’s first electric motorcycle seems to have caught the eye not just of motorcycle fans, but also prospective riders that haven’t previously ridden a motorcycle.

The company surveyed its customers and found that 60% of people wanted the company to make a motorcycle, despite also finding that 67% of its buyers have never ridden a motorcycle before.

Pricing information for the C1X is nearly as vague as performance specs, though the company appears to have several models planned to allow it to hit multiple price points. The entry-level model is expected to slip in under the $10K mark, putting it in competition with other low-cost commuter electric motorcycles like the Ryvid Anthem, SONDORS Metacycle, and CSC RX1E.

Prospective riders can get their name on the reservation list for a lot cheaper, putting down just a $73 deposit to hold their spot.

Electric bicycle companies becoming moto-curious isn’t anything new in the industry. SUPER73 is arguably one of the closest e-bike companies to e-moto performance, with the brand’s fast and powerful electric bicycles already famously flirting with the fuzzy line between e-bikes and e-motorcycles.

Other e-bike companies have explored similar paths. SONDORS unveiled its own electric motorcycle, the Metacycle, way back in early 2021. It took nearly two years to come to market, but it eventually scored praise for its ease of use and innovative design, despite leaving many early fans disappointed when it didn’t quite live up to its original performance specs. When viewed through the lens of a capable scooter in a motorcycle’s body, the bike tends to receive favorable reviews – including my own. However, the company recently launched a promotion that cut nearly 40% off the price of the $6,500 bike, raising demand questions.

Electric bicycle drivetrain maker Bafang has also expanded into electric motorcycles with the launch of a sister brand developed to build motors and powertrains for much more powerful electric two-wheelers than the electric bicycles that the brand has largely focused on.

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