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Stein&Fenton Launch Their Stunning New Prestige Road Bike With 3D Printed Titanium Lugs!

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The Philly Bike Expo saw the launch of the new Prestige road bike from Stein&Fenton. After a year of design and development, the new Prestige was on display in all of its glory. Stein&Fenton is a new boutique bike builder that says it is ready to embrace future growth with the launch of this new bike.

Stein&Fenton Prestige black and gold

Photo c. R. Frazelle. Lookin’ good at the Philly Bike Expo.

Every Stein&Fenton frame is built by hand in the small town of Pawnee, Illinois. Stein&Fenton are not claiming that they’re making the lightest, fastest, or most aerodynamic bikes in the world, they do however design and build bikes that they say they are very proud of.

Stein&Fenton black and gold on the wall side front

Photo c. Stein&Fenton

The new Prestige is said to offer all of the amenities of a modern road bike while also being suitable for an all-road setup.

The Prestige is equipped with a T47 threaded bottom bracket, the rear is spaced at 12×142, and can fit up to 32c tires. It also comes equipped with fully integrated internal cable routing, and an integrated seat wedge clamp.

Stein&Fenton say that the bike will be delivered to the end user “ready to ride”… what they mean by “ready to ride” is that every Prestige will come with a Silca Mattone saddle bag, Silca or Alpitude bottle cages, pedals (customer’s choice), and computer mount.

After 16 hours of print time and 8 hours of cure time, the 3D-printed titanium lugs become more than 99.5% of the density of billet 6al-4v Titanium. At this point, these lugs aren’t quite ready to build a frame yet. It takes another 10 hours of post-CNC machining/finish time before they can be used for a frame build.

Stein&Fenton say that they hand lay, under controlled guidelines, carbon fiber tubes that are then bonded to prepped surfaces that can withstand over 4,000psi shear strength. The combination of the 3D titanium lugs and the hand-laid carbon tubing leads to a nice blending of modern technology and individual craftsmanship.

Stein&Fenton black side front on the wall

Photo c. Stein&Fenton

Stein&Fenton will only be building complete bikes. So, that means no framesets will be available for purchase. They are offering “base level builds” of either SRAM Red AXS or Shimano Dura Ace 9200 groups. These builds will come with ENVE SES wheels with Chris King hubs, Darimo seat post, and one-piece bar/stem combo, and “other preferred supplier parts”.

Upgrades are said to be available for nearly every component, a la carte style. You can also pick from lug and tube finish options.

Stein&Fenton will be offering “stock” sizes from 49cm to 61cm in 1cm increments. For an added fee and a longer lead time, custom-size geometry is available.

Complete build pricing will start at $15,500. But as Stein&Fenton point out, “We don’t just build you a bike. We build you YOUR bike.” As they should, for that kind of money.

The Stein&Fenton Prestige will be available to order in early 2023. They will be built in order based on the contact date and deposit received. Please note that delivery times “will depend on the availability of supplier parts”.

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