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How To See Who Follows & Likes Your Spotify Playlist

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If you have a Spotify playlist here you go will be thinking about who follows or who has preferred your playlist on Spotify. I’ve researched this subject matter and wrote approximately it for you proper here.

 You can find out how many people comply with any Spotify playlist by means of starting the playlist in Spotify and looking for follower / like count numbers close to the playlist’s name and facts. Although you may see how many followers you have, you couldn’t see the person’s profiles.

 It is also crucial to word that:

If the playlist has 0 fans, it’ll simplest show the playlist writer’s name

The follower / like depend will display up in distinctive areas relying on on in case you view the playlist within the laptop app, telephone app, and web browser It is referred to as “Likes” in the smartphone app and internet browser, but it’s miles known as “Followers” at the computing device app

To examine more approximately if this feature will ever come to Spotify if there are any workarounds, or how you can see the wide variety of Spotify playlist followers in element, truly preserve on studying, my pal.

How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

 Spotify Playlist

Spotify does not allow playlist creators the potential to look at who like their playlist on Spotify. Instead, the follower / like count number of any playlist on Spotify is made to be close to the playlist’s name and facts.

To see how many human beings have preferred a playlist on Spotify, without a doubt observe those steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app to your phone, laptop, or web browser
  2. Search for a playlist or open a playlist from your Library
  3. Look for the follower / like remember close to the playlist’s name and information

Depending on what Spotify app type you’re using, the count will display up in unique areas and could be referred to as various things. View the examples below so you realize what to search for and where. This is wherein the follower be counted as indicated within the Spotify desktop app:

 Will Spotify add the ability to see who follows my playlist?

Spotify used to have the ability to for playlist creators if you want to see who preferred or observed their playlist on Spotify. However, an update in March 2013 eliminated this feature and it has no longer come lower back since.

Although this selection is without a doubt the pinnacle maximum asked to feature in the Spotify forums, Spotify officially spoke back stating that they’re retaining the ideas within the “Not Right Now” bin and have no on-the-spot plans to implement this feature.

Right now, it does not seem likely that they’re to feature it back in and that they maximum likely removed the feature to ensure the privacy of Spotify listeners.

Are there are any hacks to see who follows my playlist on Spotify?

playlist on Spotify

An alternate to seeing who follows your playlist on Spotify is to look at who follows your non-public Spotify account.

Most Spotify playlists are created by means of Spotify users and the creator of the playlist suggests close to the playlist’s title and data. You can use this to get a concept of who follows your playlist however no longer the precise amount.

Some listeners may additionally comply with the playlist creator to live up to date with any new playlists that they will upload and Spotify does permit users in an effort to view who follows their Spotify user bills.

To view who follows your Spotify user account, comply with these easy steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your cellphone, laptop, or web browser
  2. Make certain you’re logged in and click on your Profile Name
  3. Click on the “Followers” tab

It’s worth noting that this workaround or hack is pretty lame and certainly handiest gets you inside the ballpark of who’s following your particular playlist.

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