Electric Vehicles For India News & Reviews Specialized is launching a more affordable electric bicycle line focusing on utility e-bikes

Specialized is launching a more affordable electric bicycle line focusing on utility e-bikes

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Specialized’s electric bikes are many things: Quality, highly engineered, covering a wide range of riding styles. But one thing they aren’t is low cost – at least, not until now. That’s because Specialized has just announced that it is launching a new and more affordable line of e-bikes known as Globe, which will focus on utility and cargo electric bikes designed as car replacements for city use.

Specialized launches Globe e-bike line

Specialized made the announcement this morning but didn’t provide many specifics regarding the actual bike designs or the price points that the company is targeting.

The company did share a teaser image of the first model, shown carrying quite a load of cacti that conveniently hides many of the most interesting parts of the new e-bike.

What we can see though is that the bike is powered by a rear hub motor, which would be a first for Specialized’s electric bicycles.

The company has previously used mid-drive motors like those from Brose to provide a high-end yet pricey electric drivetrain.

Moving from mid-drives to hub motors is a move we’ve seen elsewhere recently in the e-bike industry, and it allows higher end companies to offer more affordable e-bikes without compromising on many of the other higher quality components that are expected to come with their brand label.

I also spy hydraulic disc brakes and what appears to be at least a 9-speed transmission on the rear of the bike, which could come in handy for those that like to help pedal up hills or just get in a human-powered workout.

It’s not clear if the bike will feature a throttle. There is a wire shown terminating in throttle-territory on the right handlebar, but that could be for an additional set of buttons such as for LED lights or a horn.

The company is expected to reveal more details regarding the bikes’ specs as well as pricing as we get closer to the official launch date. That pricing info will be of particular interest to see just how competitively Specialized can position itself next to a growing crop of low-cost direct-to-consumer electric bikes.

The company says that orders should be opening later this year and that deliveries will begin in early 2023.

For more info, see the company’s press release below:

Today, Specialized is announcing the creation of a new business unit called Globe. Most everyday car trips are short, joyless, and bad for your wallet and the planet. Globe is an extension of the Specialized brand that will focus on bringing more fun to local living while reducing the number of car, truck, and SUV trips needed for everyday transportation.

Specialized’s purpose is to harness the power of the bicycle to pedal the planet forward. Globe will help us deliver on that promise in a new and even more accessible way.

We’ll do this through a commitment to lifetime value and affordability with the products that we create, the way that we reach and communicate with new riders, and through our continued partnership with independent local bike shops who don’t currently benefit from the growth of direct-to-consumer exclusive brands.

Globe will harness the power of the Specialized ecosystem to provide everyday riders with the widest nationwide network of sales and service opportunities. Globe will serve riders with a growing number of everyday high performance EVs and the accessories that go with them. Globe bikes are built to move you, your family, and your things. Our plan is to start taking orders in late 2022 and deliver our first bikes to riders in early 2023.

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