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Shimano FREEZA Disc Brake Rotors get even better for quieter road & gravel riding

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Already known for their excellent disc brake technology, Shimano’s rotors are about to get even better. In conjunction with the launch of the new 105 group, Shimano is introducing two new rotors meant for road and gravel use that promise quieter, more consistent performance.

Shimano RT-CL900

While the new rotors were launched at the same time as Shimano’s newest Di2 105 group, it appears that these will fill in at the Dura Ace and Ultegra level with the RT-CL900 and RT-CL800 respectively. If you remember, when the newest Shimano Dura Ace group was launched, it didn’t have a Dura Ace-specific brake rotor. Instead, the system borrowed one from the XTR mountain bike group.

Now it seems that both Dura Ace and Ultegra will have their very own rotors complete with an updated Ice Technologies FREEZA design.

Shimano Ice Tech FREEZA

That of course refers to the proprietary 3-layer rotor construction that uses an aluminum core with stainless steel cladding on both sides of the braking surface. This cooling technology is said to result in overall heat reduction of up to 140ºC and a 10% increase in brake pad life.

Shimano RT-CL800

The new rotor design claims to use a “more robust alloy carrier and optimized arm shape that reduces heat deformation of the rotor during hard braking.” In short, it should keep its form better under long descents preventing any ticking or rubbing noises. When combined with the wider pad spacing of the new Shimano road disc brakes, you should have an exceptionally quiet brake system.

Shimano Dura Ace disc brake rotor Shimano Ultegra disc brake rotor

Both rotors will be interchangeable, with the main difference being the addition of black heat dissipation paint on the cooling fins of the RT-CL900.


  • Heat dissipation paint
  • 140mm and 160mm 
  • MSRP $85.99


  • 140mm and 160mm 
  • MSRP $60.99



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