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Quality cargo e-bike, easy on the wallet

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At Eurobike 2022, I had the chance to test out a number of fun and innovative new electric bikes; one of the models I was most looking forward to was the Tern Quick Haul. Having covered the bike’s unveiling earlier this year, I knew that I was going to want to test out this new lower-cost model to see if it could maintain the high quality reputation that Tern is known for.

The Tern Quick Haul definitely looks like a Tern. It’s got the company’s signature 20″ wheels matched with a low slung yet slightly elongated frame. Together, those two features create an e-bike with room for lots of cargo that don’t take up much room in your garage or apartment.

Cargo e-bikes are great, but they often turn into the SUVs of the electric bike world, taking up way more space than they deserve. Tern has also focused on making right-sized electric cargo bikes that keep the cargo, but shed the bulk.

To watch me and Electrek’s publisher Seth Weintraub put a couple Tern Quick Hauls through the Eurobike testing circuit, check out the short video below. Then read on for more info!

Tern Quick Haul video ride

Tern Quick Haul first ride

The Tern Quick Haul D8 starts at $2,999 while the P9 starts at $3,299. It’s certainly not an impulse buy, but its much lower than some of Tern’s other models with loftier price tags.

The bikes still have some very nice equipment, though, even if they’re considered the entry-level models of Tern’s lineup.

The bikes include Bosch mid-drive motors, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Speedlifter adjustable stems, Atlas racks, and Schwalbe Big Apple urban tires. The D8 is more affordable with lower-tier parts like a Shimano Altus 8-speed deraileur and Bosch Active line motor, while the P9 has a nicer 9-speed Alivio transmission and Performance Line motor.

In the US, the D8 can do 20 mph (32 km/h) while the P9 can reach 28 mph (45 km/h). But since we were testing the bikes in Germany and had to conform to EU laws, our models were limited to Europe’s 25 km/h (15.5 mph) speed limits.

Even so, that was plenty for the Eurobike test track that pretty well simulated a dense urban environment that these bikes would likely find themselves in.

tern quick haul

You’d expect a cargo bike to feel fairly heavy, but these 23 kg (50 lb) e-bikes are lighter than or similar to most non-cargo e-bikes on the market. And yet, they have these awesome rear racks and mounting options for front racks that give them plenty of hauling capacity.

The Tern Quick Haul is even rated for up to 150 kg (330 lb) of weight capacity, so you can really load the bike up if you need to.

I tested a model that was outfitted as a pizza delivery bike, with a giant rear box and another smaller basket on the front. I was amazed at how nimble it was, even with that much storage strapped onto it. Seth spent more time on the slightly less loaded bike, and somehow I was able to wiggle through the crowds and tents behind him, despite looking like I was making a delivery for an entire middle school pizza party.

The bikes combine Tern’s penchant for easy-riding and comfortably-designed cargo bikes with Bosch’s years of experience in electric bike drivetrains. That means the bikes are well powered, comfortable to ride, and offer intuitive pedal assist. You get to enjoy all of Bosch’s perks, like the nicely design displays and app functionality, while letting Tern focus on building a well made bike to house that drive train.

Who is it for?

The Tern Quick Haul may be lower cost than the rest of the company’s lineup, but it’s still a high quality bike designed for people that want to use their e-bike daily for rigorous tasks.

If you’re looking for a weekend cruise type of e-bike, you can probably skip the Tern Quick Haul; there are other simpler e-bikes out there for that. But if you want to take the kids to school every day and then do shopping on the way home, and you want a bike that you know can handle it for years, then the Tern Quick Haul will get it done.

It’s great to see the company expanding their offerings like this to make these higher end electric bikes more accessible to us Average Joes out there.


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