Newmen Advanced SL R.42 road wheels get aero w/ wide tires, hidden valve stems

Newmen’s STREEM series of aero wheels offer the expected aero shaping in a variety of depths, but the new Advanced SL R.42 model uses a different rim to optimize aerodynamics for wider 30-32mm tires.

Fortunately, it keeps the most unique feature, their internal valve stem that’s invisible on the complete wheel…

Called the Aero Valve, it’s a short tubeless valve stem, too short to protrude past the rim’s profile. The included tool feeds the threaded nut in through the access hole on the outside, snugging the valve to the rim like normal…just, hidden.

Newmen Advanced SL R42 aero all-road wheels for wide tires

It comes with an adapter that you’d stick in your saddle bag or jersey pocket to inflate the wheel like normal, just thread it into the hole and onto the valve stem. But once you’re ready to ride, small rubber plugs cover the hole for an ultra-clean look with no valve stem to create uneven turbulence. (Check their video to see it)

Don’t wanna mess with that? Use the included reducers and adapters to install standard tubeless valve stems or tubes. Tubeless rim tape comes pre-installed with sealant in the box.

Newmen Advanced SL R42 aero all-road wheels for wide tires ridden at Strade Bianca

They’ve been raced at Paris-Roubaix and Strada Bianca.

The rims have a 21mm internal width and hooked, tubeless-ready profile. They’re 42mm deep, making them an aero all-road, cobble-ready option, but with 21 spokes front and 24 rear, they’re not meant for full offroad gravel.

The hubs are Center Lock only, using a 36t pawl system that’s designed to run with reduced noise. Spokes are double-butted Pillar Wing, and they have a healthy 130kg rider+bike maximum weight limit. Claimed weight is 1,410g (630g front, 780g rear), MSRP is €740 (front) and €840 (rear).

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