Electric Vehicles For India Electric Bikes New Kuat 2″ Hitch Adapter Turns the Piston SR Roof Rack into a 1-bike Hitch Rack!

New Kuat 2″ Hitch Adapter Turns the Piston SR Roof Rack into a 1-bike Hitch Rack!


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Only need to carry one bike and want a versatile way to do it? The Kuat Piston SR is a single-bike roof rack based on the excellent Piston Pro X. Now, with the new Hitch Adapter from Kuat, that same roof rack can also be a single-bike hitch rack.

In our opinion, the Piston Pro X is one of the best hitch racks available. Previously though, a 2-bike version was the smallest option. For those that only need to carry one bike and want the lightest rack possible, there wasn’t really an option.

The 2″ Hitch Adapter changes that. Now you can add the 22 lb Piston SR to the 19 lb hitch adapter and end up with a single bike hitch rack that is roughly 41 lbs. Compared to the Piston Pro X which weighs in at 63lbs, that’s a substantial chunk of weight removed which should make it easier to maneuver.

Installing hitch rack

More impressive is that the Piston SR with the Hitch adapter can hold up to 100 lbs! That opens up rack use to a lot of very heavy e-bikes. The rack is also then compatible with the Kuat e-Bike Ramp to help get that monstrosity onto the rack.

Kuat also certifies the Hitch Adapter for RV use, though the weight limit then drops to 67 lbs. The Piston SR will accommodate bikes up to a 53″ wheelbase and with up to 5″ wide tires.

Locking Piston SR
The Piston SR is lockable with the integrated lock cable

The Hitch Adapter easily attaches to the Piston SR with four T-Channel nuts and then tightens into the hitch with their Flatlock hitch cam. The adapter also includes a locking hitch pin to keep the rack safe. Priced at $110, you’ll also have to purchase the Piston SR for $498, for a total of $608. That’s a lot for a single bike rack, but it does give you both a hitch rack and roof rack option. No LED lights though.

Kuat 2″ Rond Bar Adapter

In other Piston SR news, Kuat has also introduced a 2″ round bar mount. Note that this is not needed for most round bars found on roof racks from Yakima, Thule, etc. Instead, this is meant for overloading or van bike mounts with 2″ bars like the Owl Vans B2 Bike Carrier (Kuat points out that they are not affiliated with Owl Vans in any way). The 2″ Round Bar Mounts sell for $69 per pair and are machined from billet aluminum with a bike weight capacity of 67 lbs.



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