Electric Vehicles For India News & Reviews New EUNORAU D6 mid-drive electric bike with torque sensor offers an entry-level road e-bike

New EUNORAU D6 mid-drive electric bike with torque sensor offers an entry-level road e-bike

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Electric bicycles can largely be grouped into two categories: Those powered by hub-motors and those powered by mid-drive motors. The former are generally seen as more affordable due to the simpler technology, while the latter are often increasingly premium offerings that employ more sophisticated drivetrains. But the upcoming EUNORAU D6 electric bicycle looks to bring that mid-drive performance in at a hub-motor price.

Most mid-drive electric bicycles start at a minimum of $3,000, with the price increasingly steeply from there.

They become even more expensive when they include a torque sensor, which is a more sophisticated way to engage the electric pedal assist to result in more natural assistance that better mimics human input.

We’ve occasionally seen more affordable mid-drive electric bike options that employ lesser-known Chinese motors without torque sensors, but they’re the exception to the rule.

The newly unveiled EUNORAU D6 looks to present a mid-drive road-style electric bike at a surprisingly affordable promotional price of $1,199. That’s even lower than most of the go-to hub motor e-bikes on the market right now.

We are still learning more about the upcoming EUNORAU D6, and at this point, most of our information comes from the bike’s pre-launch page on Indiegogo.

A few early images we’ve been able to obtain show both flat bar and drop bar options on the electric road bike.

The new model is listed as sporting a 60 Nm motor, though the power level isn’t advertised yet. That 60 Nm of torque likely puts it in the mid-power range, with more power than most of the base level 250W motors. However, it will still likely come with a “250W nominal” rating to keep it street legal in countries that limit e-bikes to 250W of power.

The bike’s motor looks to drive an 11-speed cassette on the rear wheel, with the bike itself rocking 700c tires.

Other components that are easy to spot in the limited images include mechanical disc brakes and a frame-integrated removable battery. There’s no word yet on the battery capacity, but the size would suggest it likely falls in the 300-400 Wh range.

The D6’s range is listed as 50 km (31 miles) and the bike weighs in at 18 kg (39 lb).

There will also be an accompanying smartphone app that includes features such as Calorie consumption, trip records, social networking, and over-the-air (OTA) updates.

The company also says that the D6 will come in “a wide range of sizes & color options so everyone – no matter your gender or body type – can ride a bike that fits and feels amazing.”

EUNORAU describes the D6 as being designed for both pavement and gravel, meaning the company is likely targeting the gravel e-biking sector as well.

Images from the page show a closeup of the bike’s welds, revealing nicely filleted joints normally seen on bikes with higher attention to detail, such as those from e-bike company Aventon.

A short teaser video showing the D6 can be seen below.

There’s no word yet on exactly when the D6 will launch, but its promotional price of $1,199 appears to be an early-bird offer for pre-orders on Indiegogo. Afterwards, the $800 anticipated discount will disappear likely, bringing the bike up to its $1,999 MSRP.

Even at that price, these specs would make it competitive with other lightweight fitness e-bikes, especially with that mid-drive motor and torque sensor.

While we await more news and a confirmed launch date, let’s hear your thoughts on the EUNORAU D6 in the comments section below.

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