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New ENVE C.I.M. bottle cage is light and tight; K-Edge mount keeps things aero

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Usually, if your choices are light, strong, and cheap, you can pick two. The new ENVE Carbon Injection Molded (CIM) water bottle cage checks all the boxes, though, with a 31g weight and reasonable $35 price point.

But it’s not just light and cheap affordable, they say it’s also really strong and holds your bottles tightly. And there’s a new K-Edge combo mount made just for ENVE’s aero road stems, too…

ENVE C.I.M. carbon bottle cage

enve CIM carbon bottle cage

Compared to the $70, 19g full-carbon fiber cage, the new ENVE C.I.M. cage uses a long carbon fiber reinforced polyamide, which is itself a synthetic plastic (nylon) material with large, long molecules. It’s made in Utah.

enve CIM carbon bottle cage shown from front, back, and side

The top loading design wraps fully and snugly around your bottle, preventing bottle creep or loss even on taller water bottles. The wings are smooth and flat on the inside for a complete contact patch. They say it’ll hold tight over the roughest terrain.

ENVE x K-Edge adjustable combo mount

Designed to fit their aero stems, the new K-Edge mount bolts directly to the bottom of the stem. It’s angle adjustable up to 25º, so you can aim your computer screen however you like.

The included accessory mount accepts GoPro-style two-prong mounts, like lights and action cameras, on the bottom. It comes with Garmin and Wahoo computer mount inserts, retail is $75. Black only.


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