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More Eurobike Tech – Bikes, Bags, Chainrings, Shoes, Saddles, Shades & More!

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This mega-random roundup of new tech, bikes, and bits from Eurobike 2022 covers a lot of categories, for road, gravel, mountain, commuter, and plenty of bikepacking.

The Bold Cycles Linkin mountain bike isn’t actually new, this is the bike that launched last fall with your choice of 135mm or 150mm rear travel. But, hiding behind that wall was a nearly blacked-out room in their new owner Scott Sports’ booth with something that appears to sit between this and the recently introduced 2022 Scott Spark, which has 120mm of travel.

bold linkin enduro mountain bike with hidden shock cutaway shown closeup

The key difference, besides travel length, between the Spark and the Linkin is the rear shock’s orientation and linkage structure. The Scott uses a standard upper rocker arm to drive the shock downward, in a vertical mounting setup.

The Linkin uses a lower linkage-driven horizontal shock, which connects to the linkage inside the frame, keeping the entire rear shock protected from the elements.

So, that teaser bike could be the next Scott Genius. The current Genius is five years old, has 150mm travel, and seems ripe for an update. My visual cues (the bike was really hard to see) suggested a 140-150mm travel fork, using a frame layout similar to the Spark. With the Spark RC having the same 120mm rear and bumping to a 130mm fork, a 140-150mm with an updated suspension layout and geometry makes a lot of sense.

Benno Bikes DemiDemi

benno demidemi xl e-cargo bike with dual battery

Based off the smaller RemiDemi, the new Benno DemiDemi provides an extended rear end and dual battery capacity. Add on any of their wide range of accessories and you can turn it into a kid hauler, grocery getter, student commuter, or whatever you want. Check them out at BennoBikes.com.

Ortlieb upgrades their bags

ortlieb top tube bag and handlebar bag

Ortlieb has streamlined and tapered their top tube bag. The original was, honestly, really bad…it was too wide, and hard to open, especially while riding. The new one uses a tapered design that’s thinner at the rear to clear knees, and has a deep coverage magnetic flap top that’s easy to access while riding, but still maintains excellent weather protection for its contents.

A new saddle bag uses their bolt-on mounting base to allow you to securely carry this oversized option. With a roll top and detachable shoulder strap, it’s a great commuter option that pops on and off in a flash.

ortlieb bikepacking cubes fit in their pannier bags

Their organization kits are designed specifically to fit into their pannier bags and keep your clothes, gear, and even a laptop perfectly situated. New is the toiletries kit (left, bottom, shown open) that includes a small mirror, and the clothing kit (center) with a removable plastic folding guide to help you get your shirts perfectly folded to take up less space (and have fewer wrinkles).

ortlieb commuter handlebar bags come in a wide variety of colors

Their handlebar mounting kit works with a wide variety of baskets and bags, which come in a ton of colors. On the bottom center (green) is a new flip-top bag with clear top that’s great for city errands or even bikepacking. Slide your phone or a map under the cover and you’ll be able to see it while also keeping it protected from the elements.

Aeroe bikepacking frames

aeroe frame racks will fit any backpack or frame bag

Aeroe’s bikepacking frames and bags are unique in that they can easily adjust the position of your bags to clear ankles or be more aerodynamic. They’ll clamp onto your chainstays, fork legs, or handlebar, on almost any bike, even full suspension mountain bikes. Check out their latest model to see how it works.

Above, they were showing off that their racks work great for attaching almost any style of small bag, backpack, or hip pack, too.

Zefal aero dry bag

I suppose technically you could do this with any round, tube-like dry bag with loop mounts, but it looked cool, so I took a pic. It actually is a handlebar roll bag that comes with a compressible sleeve that straps to your handlebar, but I kinda like the idea of making that more aerodynamic by strapping it to aero bar extensions.

Check out Zefal’s full line of frame bags and universal fenders at Zefal.com.

Evoc’s framebag setup

evoc frame bags for bikepacking

Cory has a full story coming on this, but I really liked the looks of their new collection, so I thought I’d share.

Ergon’s Sport/Fitness Saddles

ergon comfort bike saddles for commuters

Ergon’s new SF (Sport Fitness) saddles are designed for casual enthusiasts and commuters. If you bought a bike during the pandemic and are still riding it for fun and exercise, this is for you.

Optimized relief channels for both men and women, plus two sizes for each gender on each model, provide plenty of fit options. They use an orthopedic foam, with a gel-enhanced model also available, to distribute pressure better than typical “performance” bike saddles. Retail is $/€49.95 for the SF model, and $/€69.95 for the SF Sport Gel.

Selle SMP “compact” saddles debut

selle smp compact gel saddles

Selle SMP is the latest to enter the “Short Nose” saddle category. They’ve taken two of their models, the VT30 Gel and VT20 and added a V30C and V20C option, where C=Compact. Both models get a standard and Gel option, with the latter adding a thin layer of gel padding over top that helps it mold to your body shape while riding, but rebounds perfectly afterward.

The key difference between models is the shape, one’s a bit flatter than the other, and one gets closer to Selle SMP’s trademark wave-like profile. Both are 155mm wide, but the Compact models trim almost 30mm off the front. Available with stainless steel or carbon rails, they both look really good and have me more interested in the brand.

selle smp gel handlebar tape and saddle mud guards

They’ve also introduced new bar tape, with and without gel. I’d recommend the gel tape unless you like very thin bar tape. They say it stretches just enough to provide a great installation, but not so much that you’ll end up stretching it too thin and losing the benefit of that gel padding.

I also though it nice that they make fenders that mind the gap in their saddles, because you definitely don’t want a wet spot down there.

Rotor adds universal 1x chainrings

rotor 1x chainrings compatible with sram and shimano 12 speed chains

Rotor has added new 1x direct-mount chainrings for their gravel and mountain bike cranksets that are compatible with the latest 12-speed road and mountain bike chains from SRAM and Shimano. And still compatible with 11 speed, too. They weren’t giving up the details on their tooth profiles that allow this, but did say it took a bit of work.

That “13 speed” icon refers to compatibility with their UNO drivetrain, and (unfortunately) not the Campy Ekar group.

Below that, they have new GRX crankset-compatible oval and round rings that use Shimano’s 110/80 BCD for double chainrings.

Spur Cycle’s beautiful rearview cycling mirror

spur cycle cycling rearview mirror clips to a cycling cap visor

In development for years, the Spur Cycle Rearview Mirror should finally launch next summer. Two versions will be offered – a clip-on version that works with any cycling cap, and a glasses mount version.

They’re still sorting out the exact folding design to perfect the position and adjustment range, and may yet add telescoping capability. MSRP will be a very reasonable $40 and include a universal visor that will fit most any helmet. Look for this to be the stocking stuffer of Christmas 2023.

Out Of Optics wicked light, auto-change sunglasses

out of cycling sunglasses automatically darken in sunlight

Out Of has been making sunglasses that drop well below 20g for a while, but their latest BOT model (left) takes things to a new level with battery-free electronic tinting that automatically adjusts to ambient light.

out of cycling sunglasses automatically darken in sunlight

Using a light sensor with solar panel, it can sense a change in light (like when you go in and out of tree cover) and adjust their darkness in less than a second. It’s not so dramatic a change to be distracting, but it’s enough to make it easier to see when you go into a tunnel or trail.

What’s amazing is that there’s no battery or charging required, so they’re able to make them just ~30 yet able to hold a charge for up to a year. They are seriously impressive. Coming later this year.

TwoNav is for off-grid bikepackers

twonav gps navigation cycling computers for bikepacking and touring

TwoNav is a Spanish brand that makes GPS mapping devices focused on orienteering. Their new Terra (left) and Trail 2 Plus function as cycling computers, taking in data from your power meter, HR, etc., but focus on providing top-notch detailed navigation.

They come with terrain maps and TomTom Road navigation built-in, plus access to their computer-based routing software, so you can create extremely detailed plans for your next trip. Or just see where you are when you’re out in the wild. Combine that with some of the biggest screens of anything designed to fit on (or in front of) your handlebar, and you’ve got a good excuse for not getting lost.

Northwave gets more extreme

new northwave extreme XC2 and extreme pro3 cycling shoes

This September, Northwave will release entirely new versions of their top road and MTB shoes. The new Extreme XC2 (top) and Extreme Pro 3 (bottom) eliminate the overlapped upper and reroute the retention cables to further reduce pressure points. Already some of my favorite shoes, I’m looking forward to trying these out.

northwave freeland flat pedal clipless commuter bike shoes

The Freeland is a new flat-pedal bike path/light MTB/commuter shoe with a single, central retention dial with a clever touch. Just pull the strap straight up to loosen them and easily slip your foot out. And then back in. Also coming in September.

northwave tail whip eco flat pedal commuter and mountain bike shoes

The Tailwhip Eco Evo is a new, environmentally friendly version of their top freeride shoe. Using a new upper, liner and laces made of RePet (recycled water bottles), the footbed uses 86% ReFoam (recycled polyurethane foam).

The Michelin rubber outsoles are made with 26% ReRubber (rubber scraps from the production process). Available in black, blue and forest green, they’ll retail for €110 when they launch in February 2023.

Vaude commuter shoes

vaude city commuter cycling shoes

These Vaude Dualflex city cycling shoes are designed as much for all-day comfort and walking as cycling, and easily look the part at the office or cafe. A carbon plate at the ball of the foot provides solid power transfer when pedaling and smooth roll off when walking.

A stiff nylon shank overlaps with that slightly and runs to the back of the foot to create a stiff-enough shoe for efficient pedaling. And a TPU foam makes them more comfortable for walking.

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