Michael Ciminella
Electric Vehicles For India Other Know the facts about Michael Ciminell – the celebrity Ashley Judd’s Father

Know the facts about Michael Ciminell – the celebrity Ashley Judd’s Father

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Michael Ciminella

Michael Ciminell was born in the United States in 1945, and he is 77 years old now. He finished his early and high school education in his hometown and started his career as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant for the horse racing industry.

Though Michael is successful in his career, he is renowned for his status because of his first wife, Naomi Judd-the famous American actor com singer. Their married life extended for eight years, and Michael Ciminell and Naomi were blessed with a girl child-Ashley Judd, an actress and a political activist.

The End Of His First Marriage:

Michael Ciminell achieved well in his career later; he realized that all the fame and status he attuned was the result of his wife, Naomi. His wife Naomi is a popular figure known as a country music star, singer, songwriter, and activist. Naomi and Michael met in the year 1963 and got married in the year 1964 after a few months of dating.

The happy married life lasted only for eight years, and they got separated in the year 1972. Their comfortable life gave birth to a girl and a child-Ashley, Judd, the most famous American actress and also known as a political activist.

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The Death Of His First Wife:

Michael Ciminell and his wife got divorced and separated, and after the divorce, Naomi got married to Larry Strickland in 1989, and now she is no more. She passed away at the age of 76, and she died due to mental illness. She led the married life with Larry for more than three decades and at last gave her life. 

Personal Life Of Michael Ciminell:

There is no origin of information available to know about the life of Michael Ciminell after his divorce from Naomi. There is no clear evidence that he is leading a single life or married someone. He kept himself from the spotlight and maintained a low-profile personal life. He is still residing in Kentucky and spending his life peacefully.

The Beginning Of The Love Story:

Michael Ciminell and Naomi Judd had their first meeting in the early 1970s. They both worked as songwriters when they met each other in Nashville. Their love story started there, and they married in 1974. But, they could not continue their marriage life further, and both got separated after eight years. 

The Changes In Michael Ciminell Life:

Michael Ciminell was arrested several times after their divorce and charged with assault and drunken driving. He was sentenced to eight years in 2001 for assaulting his then-girlfriend, which changed his life.

After release from prison, he stayed out of the vision of popularity. In 2016, he had a judgment in favour of Naomi and Wynonna Judd and was ordered to pay $250,000 each. 

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Life-Changing Incidents:

Michael Ciminell was accused of drug usage and dealings and was arrested in 1989. It was stated that he was using and selling cocaine. He served two years of prison for the charge and felt guilty for the act. In 1991, he was arrested again for the exact charges, and this time he was accused of having methamphetamine and intending to sell it. Again he was sentenced to prison for three years. He disagreed with being involved in the drug trade but is still in the conclusion that he was involved drug trade. 

The illegal involvement and unfaithfulness towards the relationship are the primary reasons for the separation of Michael Ciminell and Naomi JuddAfter the break, he didn’t start a new life and kept himself away from fame and the spotlights. 

Profile Summary Of Michael Ciminell:

Michael Ciminell full name is Michael Charles Ciminella, and he was born in the year 1945. His birthplace is Kentucky in the United States; he is 77 years old and exhibits American Nationality. He belongs to Christianity with Caucasian ethnicity. He is known as a businessman and marketing consultant, achieving more in his field. 


Michael Ciminell is the best businessman and a famous marketing consultant. His involvement and hard work earned him good deals, and it is believed that his net worth is likely to be $500K-$1million, and it is the result of his hard work and dedication towards his passion as a marketing consultant. 

Social Media Involvement:

At present, Michael Ciminell is 77 years old and keeps himself away from the limelight. He is not active on universal media, and no sources are available for his presence in media life. 

Drug intake and imprisonment kept him from the spotlight, and after his release from prison, he didn’t get involved much in any public activities. Yet he loved his children and made a habit of listening to the concerts of her stepdaughter Wynonna Judd. 

 His divorce and illegal drug usage made him see the other side of life, and now he is leading a calm and peaceful life in his home town. The failure of their marriage life made him addicted to drugs and involved him in criminal activities. 

Later, he realized everything and took him away from all the busiest activities of public life and popularity. Several controversies are in the lead to describe the personal life of Michael Ciminell, but, still, he is loving his children and shredding love and affection towards them. 


Michael Ciminell has a port body with a perfect physique, and he is a famous businessman cum marketing consultant. He is handsome enough to attract Naomi, and both are unique in their career. 

They both led happy lives, but their expectations toward each other made their life unsuccessful. They showed a happy life together for eight years, and they could not continue their life further hence separated from each other.

The pain and failure of their personal life made Michael Ciminell involved in drug usage and dealings, for which he has been sentenced to imprisonment. Besides all these facts, Michael Ciminell is the best and most lovable father and now leads a peaceful life leaving everything behind!

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