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Maralee Nichols Finally Breaks Her Silence About Secret Relationship With Tristan Thompson

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After Tristan Thompson’s paternity case was dropped in Texas, Maralee Nichols spoke to E! News to celebrate her legal win.
After Tristan Thompson’s paternity case in Texas was rejected, Maralee Nichols is speaking out.
E! News reported on December 16 that a judge had rejected Thompson’s paternity case against Nichols in a Houston court. It was a victory for Nichols, who claimed in a separate Los Angeles lawsuit that the basketball player was the father of her recently-brought-home son.

Thompson, who has a 3-year-old daughter named True and a 5-year-old son named Prince with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig, is reportedly expecting her third kid.
While Nichols filed in California, Thompson wanted the matter heard in a court in Houston. Thompson’s Texas complaint was dismissed by a judge, therefore it is likely that Nichols’ action will be heard in California.
Now, she speaks exclusively to E! News, “There have been numerous untrue and misleading rumors spread about me over the past few weeks. I have never disclosed any information on Tristan Thompson or any legal disputes involving him, nor have I ever given anyone else the go-ahead to do so. I have never given an interview to a journalist or even revealed any information to anyone. I’m making this declaration because I feel I need to stand up for myself.”

Nichols says, “I’ve seen bogus reports, unpleasant pictures of me, individuals utilising pictures that aren’t even of me, and declaring an incorrect age and employment. “There have been numerous bogus Instagram posts posing as mine, making untrue claims and including stock images of a sonogram and a child (none of which are mine),” the author writes.

Nichols continues by telling the truth. “I’ve been residing in California since 2019; these are the facts. I don’t provide personal training. I perform fitness modeling instead of personal training, which I haven’t done in four years. I never served as Tristan’s personal trainer, “She continues, noting that she first met Thompson in 2020 at a gathering at his Encino, California, home. “He claimed to be a single co-parent. If I had known Tristan was in a relationship, I never would have become connected with him.”

“Around his birthday in March 2021, I saw Tristan. He said he wanted to meet me and “She speaks with E! News. “I agreed to meet him on March 12 at a personal event in Houston. I didn’t arrive at Tristan’s house in a Maserati as he stated. He’s never even ridden in my car. That weekend, I either took an Uber or got picked up by pals. One of the many nights we spent together was in Houston. Tristan invited me to visit him in Boston not long after his birthday celebrations in Houston.”

A few weeks after her visit to meet Thompson in Boston, Nichols tells E! News that she discovered she was pregnant. She claims that after he invited her to see him at the end of April, she told Thompson about her pregnancy while they were in North Carolina.

E! News has contacted Thompson’s team for a comment on Nichols’ allegations but has not received a response. In court records that E! News previously acquired, Thompson claimed, “I only had sex with [Maralee] once in 2021, and it happened in Houston, Texas, in March. Since it was my birthday in March, I can clearly recall having sex with [her]. I went to a party with [her] at a hotel in Houston. She had called and asked to celebrate my birthday with me.”

Nichols claims in her statement to E! News that she did “everything imaginable” throughout her pregnancy to avoid attracting attention to herself. After I filed my paternity suit in Los Angeles, Tristan filed one in Texas, she adds. “Before our child was born, I did not submit any requests for child support. On December 15, 2021, Tristan’s lawsuit against me was thrown out.”

She tells E! News, “I had a placenta problem, so I had to be induced on November 29, 2021.” “I needed to be induced for no other medical reason. My due date was December 1, 2021. I am choosing to appreciate being a mother and doing the best I can for my son rather than focusing on any criticism. I don’t want Tristan to be my boyfriend, and I don’t want any more media attention. My objective is to provide our boy with a secure, loving, private upbringing.”

The NBA player admitted to having a former sexual encounter with Nichols in a declaration that was earlier this week made public by The Daily Mail.

We did not have a meaningful ongoing relationship, despite [Nichols’] many implications in her declaration, he said. Between December 2020 and March 13, 2021, “we very occasionally saw one other and did not engage in any sexual activity in California.”

He claimed they talked about that “We might occasionally cross paths for consensual casual sex only. We saw each other like this from December 2020 to March 2021.”

The reality was that Nichols frequently referred to our connection as a “hook up,” according to Thompson. “I am positive that the only day of conception, if the child is determined to be my child, was March 13, 2021, because it was my birthday.”

Nichols stated in a prior filing that she thinks Thompson “thinks forum shopping in Texas will ultimately save him money in child support.” On the other hand, Thompson stated in his Dec. 16 declaration that Texas was the only possible location for paternity to have occurred.

When contacted by E! News regarding the Texas ruling, Nichols and Thompson’s lawyers were silent. The court files are confidential.

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