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Lectric XPremium e-bike launched with mid-drive motor and dual batteries

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Right after unveiling a new lower-cost folding e-bike two weeks ago, Phoenix-based Lectric eBikes is back with a new higher-end mid-drive electric bike known as the Lectric XPremium. The new folder is the brand’s first mid-drive e-bike and applies Lectric’s signature low-cost pricing to a much higher end electric bike than we’ve previously seen from the company.

Coming in at a reasonable $1,799 introductory price, the Lectric XPremium has parts and performance that we’ve previously seen on $3,000+ electric bikes.

For starters, the XPremium rocks a mid-drive motor that can reach speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h) thanks to its 500W continuous power rating and 800W peak rating. The included throttle allows the bike to operate in Class 1, 2 or 3 depending on the user-adjustable setting.

The bike comes with two battery packs for double the range, letting riders travel longer distances, even at higher speeds (more on that in a moment).

There’s also a torque sensor built into the motor that measures how hard the rider is pedaling, using that data to provide more intuitive pedal assist output. The nearly instantaneous response makes the bike more natural feeling to pedal. I was fortunate enough to receive the first test ride of the new Lectric XPremium ahead of the launch, which you can check out in my video below.

Lectric XPremium first ride video

The right parts at the right price

While the $999 Lectric XP 2.0 has long been a bang-for-your-buck favorite in the e-bike industry and the newly released $799 Lectric XP LITE has taken the ultra-budget category by storm, the new Lectric XPremium is likely to help the company scoop up significant market share from riders looking for a higher-end mid-drive e-bike that still comes in at a budget price.

The low-slung frame offers easy mounting and dismounting in a folding package that is perfect for anyone that needs to fold the bike up to fit in a smaller space. The bike also has a max weight rating of 150 kg (330 lb), so it should fit a wide range of riders while still maintaining extra capacity for cargo hauling.

An integrated downtube battery plus the seat tube-mounted battery combine to offer extremely long range. Real world test data provided by the company show that with a 180 lb (82 kg) rider on flat ground, 50 miles (80 km) of range is possible on throttle-only riding. In pedal assist level 2 (out of 5 levels), a range of 140 miles (225 km) is possible.

I also like how the downtube battery is removable from the bike without having to fold it (unlike with the XP 2.0 or XP LITE).

lectric xpremium electric bike

An 82mm travel front suspension fork doubles the travel of the Lectric XP 2.0’s front fork and combines with the true 4″ fat tires to offer a super cushy ride. Those tires are puncture resistant but will also come with pre-Slimed tires (thanks to a partnership between Lectric eBikes and Slime) for extra protection against flat tires.

Anyone who wants to crank up the luxury ride feel even more can add the Comfort Package with a larger saddle and a suspension seat post to truly ride on a cloud.

The fast and powerful Lectric XPremium includes hydraulic disc brakes for stronger and more reliable stoppers. The use of hydraulics also means less brake maintenance than cable-actuated mechanical disc brakes.

The mid-drive motor is paired with a 7-speed transmission to make it even torquier and better able to climb hills at higher speeds.

The Lectric XPremium includes the company’s “premium headlight” accessory as standard equipment, unlike the other bikes in Lectric’s lineup that can be upgraded to the higher end headlight. The bike’s tail lights also flash when the brakes are pulled, drawing extra attention when stopping.

The bike comes with faux-leather ergonomic grips and is IP65 rated for better dust and water resistance.

Having tested the bike myself for an afternoon ahead of the official launch, I can say that it rides great, and the mid-drive motor is really a thing of beauty. The motor is powerful, the fat tires and comfortable geometry make for a relaxed ride, and the brakes are super grippy.

The only real complaint I came away with was that the bike was heavy as hell, coming in at 75 lb (34 kg) with the dual batteries; this definitely won’t be a fun one to pick up and carry around. But extra weight is the price you pay for a powerful mid-drive motor, big tires, long travel suspension and a pair of big batteries.

Arriving fully assembled, the Lectric XPremium can be unboxed and ridden immediately. It will open for pre-orders soon at its $1,799 price and is available in either black or white colorways. I’ve heard from the company that the introductory price might not last too long though and could go up to $1,999 after the launch, so you may want to snatch it up before the price increases in the future.

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