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KKBike K26 S full-suspension fat-tire electric bike hits over 30 MPH

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A new full-suspension fat-tire electric bike is promising high performance for a relatively low price. The newly released model is known as the KKBike K26 S.

Despite the company’s name putting three K’s uncomfortably close together, the K26 S has some quite intriguing specs.

First of all, the bike touts full-suspension with an adjustable front fork and rear shock.

The bike is heavy at 73 pounds (33 kg), but the fat tires combined with the full-suspension frame should give a fairly cushy ride.

Next, it appears that the KKBike K26 S packs some decent power to move its hefty weight. A Bafang 750W continuous-rated motor sits in the rear wheel. With a claimed peak power rating of 1,200 watts and a torque rating of 85 Nm, that motor should be plenty powerful for the big bike.

And it better be, as KKBike tells us the bike has a top speed of 31 mph (50 km/h). It takes some serious power to get a heavy bike like this up to those speeds, but it sounds like the KKBike K26 is designed to deliver.

kkbike k26 s electric bike

A fairly large 48V and 17.5Ah battery is housed in the downtube on the KKBike K26 S, and is unlockable and removable with an included key.

The battery is built with LG cells and carries 840 Wh of capacity. That’s slightly above average for electric bikes these days, which often come with around 600-700 Wh of capacity.

KKBike tells us that the battery is sufficient for 40-70 miles (64-112 km) of range, which is probably a bit on the optimistic end of the spectrum unless you’re pedaling pretty hard yourself. Using the included throttle will likely drain the battery much faster, especially at the bike’s higher speeds.

Other standard components on the bike include a Shimano 8-speed transmission, LED lights, color LCD display, USB port in the display for charging a rider’s phone, and hydraulic disc brakes. The company also includes a set of plastic fenders, though they look like the flimsy kind that are often more trouble than they’re worth.

Priced at $1,999, the KKBike K26 S comes in a fair bit cheaper than many other full-suspension fat-tire e-bikes we’ve seen before. In fact, the price is on par with several hard-tail fat-tire electric bikes we’ve covered.

The market for full-suspension fat-tire bikes has been growing lately, with more riders seeking out the increased comfort that comes with dual suspension and high-volume tires like those on the KKBike K26 S.

We’ve seen interesting additions to this space, such as the Wallke X2 Pro, which adds a folding mechanism into its full-suspension fat-tire e-bike frame.

Aostirmotor’s S18 full-suspension fat tire e-bike may not fold, but we found it to offer an interesting design with a refreshing take on battery placement in the empty space of the front frame triangle.

While full-suspension fat-tire electric bikes tend to be quite heavy, riders who don’t need to lift them into a vehicle or up a flight of stairs often find that the extra weight is canceled out by the e-bike’s extra power. As long as the battery doesn’t run out, operating the big bikes is still quite easy with the assistance of the e-bike’s motor.

What do you think of the KKBike K26 S? Could you see yourself on a full-suspension fat tire electric bike? Let’s hear your thoughts in our comments section below this article.

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