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Is This Bicycle HEAVEN? Angel’s New ‘Hyperbike’ is a 3D Printed Titanium Road Race / Fondo / Gravel Bike

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With a tagline like “the sky is not the limit, it’s the starting line” Angel Cycle Works is claiming their new titanium “hyper bike” Heaven, could be cycling’s answer to the promised land.

And there are some big promises being made.

The Spanish bike manufacturer says the titanium Heaven is actually three bikes in one; a bike for road racing, gran fondo, and soft gravel.

They continue and say that Heaven “is a bicycle unaffected by the passage of time, built to resist with unlimited production standards, capable of offering everything on organic lines of radical elegance with highly innovative, technical solutions“.

Well, I don’t know about all that, but it is a pretty bike…

Angel Cycle Works Heaven white full side
Photo c. Angel Cycle Works

Angel Cycle Works (ACW) brings us to Heaven after three years of development, claiming that it has been made entirely in Spain. We’ve been seeing this a lot as of late, in the blending of 3D printing and frame manufacturing with brands like No.22 and Stein&Fenton making some beautiful examples.

Heavenly Details

In Heaven, we see some evidence of the 3D printed parts in the bottom bracket form and the seat stay/top tube junction. ACW isn’t claiming to be the first to use additive 3D printing. They are claiming, however, to be the first to use the technology for a bike that is “light, efficient, reactive, durable and indefatigable, with a dynamic customization capacity”.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven whit front side

When comparing the Heaven frame to other high-end titanium frames that way up up to 1600 grams, ACW claims to have shaved “almost 400 grams” off of competitors.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven rear drop outs

The Heaven’s Door rear dropout adaptor that comes with the frame allows you to change the length of the chain stays from 400mm to 425mm. This will allow you to run 700x30mm tires to 700x38mm tires respectively. The frame can accommodate a 140mm or 160mm rear rotor.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven cockpit top

There is also ACW’s version of an integrated headset. Claiming that it does not require internal guides, and that “all cables pass at wide angles, without noise, blockages or vibrations – making it easily assembled”.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven seat tube to tube junction

All the way to the top of the seat tube water bottle boss; that’s how long their 27.2 carbon seat post is. With a 3D printed titanium bushing, the seat post sits in a cylindrical socket and runs “stress-free” inside the seat tube. There is a hidden, low-torque way to fasten the post to avoid a “concentrated pressure point”.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven seat mast

The carbon Heaven Master Mast can be cut to length. Then the 3D-printed titanium mast head is placed on top allowing for 5cm of adjustment. Or, the Heaven frame can just use a standard 27.2 seatpost.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven bottom bracket ti

A 3D-printed bottom bracket will add some lateral rigidity to the PF30 46 (the inner diameter of the BB shell) bottom bracket.

Angel Cycle Works Heaven white rear logo side
Angel Cycle Works Heaven ti front side

Angel Cycle Works says that there was some rethinking when it came to designing the Heaven geometry. Stating that the Heaven places you slightly above the bottom bracket claiming this position will “induce more stable and continuous pedaling, with a central position of the body between both wheels”.



There are many options when ordering your own Heaven. Click here to check them all out.

Frame Kit: € 9,600



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