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Hope Pro 5 Hubs Pick Up Faster with 108 POEs & Reduced Drag

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Hope Technology has released the Pro 5 Hubset, replacing the Pro 4 with a redesigned ratchet-pawl mechanism boasting 108 POEs and a stepped-axle design to allow for larger freehub bearings and reduced friction sealing. We are told the result is a more durable hub with faster pickup, greater load capacity and noticeably less drag.

Let’s take a look inside.

hope pro 5 hubset boost mtb ukmade purple anodized centerlock 108 poes zero drag seals
The launch of the Pro 5 hubset brings with it the option of Center-lock in addition to 6-bolt

Hope Pro 5 Hubs

The new Hope Pro 5 Hubs are a lot faster to engage than the Pro 4 Hubs they replace. Six pawls, the timing of which are slightly offset so that only three engage simultaneously, bring engagement angle down to a mere 3.33° thanks to a 54T ratchet. That compares to the 4 Pawl system on the Pro 4 hub, all four of which engage simultaneously with a 44T ratchet to deliver engagement every 8.18°. That’s 108 Points of Engagement for the Pro 5, versus 44 Points of Engagement on the Pro 4.

hope pro 5 hubs made in uk
The Hope Pro 5 hubs are manufactured at their Barnoldswick HQ in the UK

The faster engagement won’t be every rider’s cup of tea, especially if their trail bike’s suspension design results in quite a lot of chain growth. In that case, a faster engaging hub would likely increase the amount of pedal kickback experienced by the rider. For gravel bikes and hardtails, there are no drawbacks, and actually it seems a great deal of trail and enduro riders still prefer a faster engaging hub for its potential to help out in technical climbing scenarios.

Despite fewer pawls engaging at any given moment, the Pro 5 has a higher load bearing capacity thanks to its wider, wire-cut steel pawls offering up a greater surface area through which to transfer torque to the teeth of the ratchet. The mechanism is also said to be more durable thanks to the seating of the pawls within their respective springs.

hope pro 5 hub zero friction labyrinth seal reduces drag
In green is the new zero-drag labyrinth seal employed to prevent water and dirt ingress; this seal results in reduced drag as compared to the sealing on the Pro 4 hub

The new springs are also said to reduce drag as compared to those used inside the Pro 4 hub, with a lighter action forcing the pawls to engage with the ratchet. Elsewhere, drag is also reduced with use of a new lower friction labyrinth seal positioned at the freehub-hub body interface.

Furthermore, Hope has redesigned the hub axle such that it narrows at the freehub region. This has allowed them to increase the size of the bearings within their SRAM XD, Shimano HG, and Shimano Microspline freehubs in a bid to extend their longevity. Hope has also been able to increase the distance between the freehub bearings and the hub bearings to increase stiffness of the whole assembly.

hope pro 5 freehub stepped axle portion allows larger bearings increased durability

Hope Pro 5 Hub for eBikes

The Hope Pro 5 also gets an eBike-specific freehub that is machined from stainless steel for improved strength and wear resistance. It runs the same 54T ratchet, but here all six pawls engage simultaneously to halve the load transferred through any single pawl.

hope pro 5 hub ebike specific higher load capacity 6 pawl engagement simultaneous 54 poes slower to engage

Pricing & Availability

The Hope Pro 5 Hub is available with all common freehub assemblies; XD for 12 Speed SRAM Cassettes, HG for 9/10/11 Speed Shimano Cassettes, Microspline for 12 Speed Shimano Cassettes and the Campagnolo Freehub for those looking to spec the Campy Ekar 13 Speed Group.

hope pro 5 shimano microspline hg sram xd freehub body options interchangeable tool free
Externally, the shell has a new profile that increases stiffness without impacting weight

Hope is manufacturing the Pro 5 in the following specs with 24, 28, 32 or 36 drilled holes, at the following prices:

  • Front 100mm 6-Bolt and Center-Lock – £95 // €120.00 // $120.12
  • Front 110mm 6-Bolt and Center-Lock – £95 // €120.00 // $120.12
  • Rear 135mm 6-Bolt and Center-Lock – £220 // €275.00 // $278.21
  • Rear 148mm 6-Bolt and Center-Lock – £220 // €275.00 // $278.21
  • Rear 148mm 6-Bolt E-Specific – £220 // €275.00 // $278.21
  • Rear 150mm 6-Bolt – £220 // €275.00 // $278.21
  • Rear 157mm 6-Bolt – £230
  • Rear Single Speed 6-Bolt – £230
hope pro 5 hubset fortus mtb wheels blue anodized

Hope Wheelsets with Pro 5 Hubs

Hope is now rolling out their mountain bike, gravel and road wheels with the Pro 5 hubset. The Fortus 23, Fortus 26, Fortus 30 and Fortus 30SC MTB wheels will retail at £310 for a rear wheel and £190 for a front wheel.

hope pro 5 silver front hub gravel bike

Gravel and Road wise, it’s £350 Rear / £230 Front for the 20Fives, and £800 Rear / £700 Front for the RD40s.



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