Electric Vehicles For India News & Reviews HeyBike Mars Hyper, Upgraded Electric Folding Bike with Limited Production [Video]

HeyBike Mars Hyper, Upgraded Electric Folding Bike with Limited Production [Video]

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HeyBike makes moves in the eBike industry, by upgrading on their very popular Mars electric bike. The new Mars Hyper comes with upgraded components, fit and finish and even some regalia. With a limited run of only 500 units, this bike could sell out this season.

While HeyBike has a variety of bikes, from the beastly HeyBike Explore to the affordable HeyBike Ranger, the Mars Hyper inches the brand into something a bit more exclusive and higher end. With yellow and black matte finish paint, the bike looks incredibly good for such a unique frame.

The fat stubby tires are countered by the 10 spoke alloy wheels, and make for a clean look for a bike packed with features.

HeyBike Mars VS Mars Hyper

The standout upgrades on the Hyper Mars is the larger capacity battery pack. Rocking a 48v 15ah battery, this little tank can reach a range of up to 55 miles. Even at full throttle, I would expect a range of 30 miles without pedaling at all. Like other HeyBike models, the Mars Hyper has the battery secured in place with a locking rail in the center of the bike. The balance of weight combined with security and ease of access makes this battery intensely pragmatic, albeit, not hidden at all. 

HeyBike Mars Hyper Battery, Rear Rack

HeyBike Mars Hyper Cargo Size

All that battery power is sent to the 500w geared hub motor in the rear of the bike. The motor is incorporated into the solid alloy wheels, which adds much more than a sleek powerhouse. The alloy wheels are a great choice for this little slugger of a folding bike, since the wheels never need any maintenance with wheel truing, and can typically hold a higher payload. HeyBike hasn’t yet updated their site, but these alloy wheels enable the Mars Hyper to hold more weight than the regular Mars model. Another great cargo feature is the rear cargo rack, which can hold up to 100lbs of gear over the rear tire. Regular side panniers and trunk bags can fit, and with some straps, very creative things can be carried on this pint-sized punter. 

HeyBike Mars Hyper 20″ x 4″ Tires

HeyBike Mars Hyper Ride

With 20” x 4” fat tires, the Mars Hyper has the ability to scale urban jungles and off-road adventures alike. While the tires aren’t the most durable for long-term street use, they are incredibly comfortable and tacky on account of the sheer air volume and surface contact. With the center of gravity being much lower, folding electric bikes like these make off-road riding a comically easy affair. The 160mm mechanical disc brakes are super easy to maintain, and provide decent stopping power both on the roads and brush.

HeyBike Mars Hyper Folded

Folding Mars Bike

Still, the Mars Hyper is a folding bike, and can be folded down into a compact shape rather easily. With the flick of the pedals, frame latch, handlebars and stem, the Mars Hyper has all the transport utility of any folding fat tire electric bike. With the bike taking up a more usable space, it can fit in many trunks, closets, under a desk, or garage corner. Unfortunately, the battery capacity is much too large to legally fly on airlines, but the whole thing can still travel in a boat.

HeyBike Mars Hyper Price

The HeyBike Mars Hyper is coming in at $1,499. As an upgrade to the original Mars, that’s a good price for the extra capacity and the alloy wheels alone. On top of that, the better display and all the trappings of an exclusive bike make for a great value for the commuter and adventurer alike. Also keep an eye out for another new e-bike model from HeyBike slated to arrive in September.

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