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Engwe M20 launched as low cost full-suspension fast e-moped

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The electric bicycle company Engwe has just launched its latest e-bike design known as the Engwe M20. While borrowing significantly from other e-bikes in the industry, the M20 goes its own way in one key area: the price tag.

That’s because this dual-suspension electric moped starts at just $1,299, though an extra $150 early bird discount is available on the launch page.

You may even be surprised by just how much you get on this e-bike, despite its rather low price tag.

The dual suspension setup is already a nice feature to see at this price point, especially for folks that plan to make full use of the fast 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed of the Engwe M20.

But there’s also an option for dual batteries, which adds a second 48V 13Ah battery to the top tube in place of the included storage bag. That doubles the capacity to 1.25 kWh of battery and doubles the range to 94 miles (151 km) on pedal assist. The dual battery version is priced at $1,599, though that $150 early bird coupon on the page still applies and can bring the price down to a more than reasonable $1,449.

And while the company is doubling up on features, they seemed to have given the twin treatment to the front headlight as well. There’s a second identical headlight mounted directly above the first. I’m not sure why that would ever be necessary or even desirable, but I guess having a spare is a good thing?

Back down in the drivetrain, the Engwe M20 lays down its power from a 1,000W rear hub motor mounted in a cast rim wheel. The lack of spokes removes a common maintenance concern on high power hub motor e-bikes.

The inclusion of mechanical disc brakes seems to be a cost-saving measure, as many companies prefer the higher stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes for a fast and fairly heavy 76 lb (35 kg) e-bike like this. The brake rotors are also a bit small at 160 mm, so perhaps keep that in mind if you attempt any super long downhill canyon carving trips.

The bike rolls on 20″x4″ fat tires that appear to have an off-road tread, making this something of a dual sport electric moped.

Both a throttle and pedal assist can be used to activate the motor, though most of these moto-inspired e-bikes tend to see their pedals used more like static foot rests.

The bike is rated for riders up to 265 lb (120 kg) and comes in three color options of black, white and green.

Shipping appears to be already underway, which is a nice change from the many pre-order e-bikes we’ve seen launched lately.

engwe m20 e-bike

Electrek’s Take

I haven’t tested the Engwe M20 yet, though it’s on my list. But with my past experience with the Engwe Engine Pro folding e-bike and the Engwe P26 e-bike, I can say that the company is pretty decent as far as value goes.

They can’t compete with the larger US companies on either production quality or support, but the bikes seem to have excellent bang-for-your-buck and are put together fairly well. They’re aren’t amazing, but they’re pretty good for the price.

I look forward to getting on the M20 soon to see how it compares to the usual suspects in the e-moped space. While the dual headlight thing is a bit odd and the lack of hydraulic brakes is a bummer, the rest of the bike seems interesting. I’m sure the suspension won’t be high end, but if its good enough for recreational use then this might be a nice deal for those looking for a dual-suspension e-moped.

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