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Ebike Powered by a Worx Cordless Power Tool Battery? Aventon says “Yup”!

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Yeah, you did read that right. If you have a tool in your garage that’s part of the Worx ecosystem of battery-powered tools, you can power an Aventon Pace 350 eBike with the very same batteries. The WORX Power Share family of tools shares the same 20v batteries, and by being able to “stack” the batteries to increase the voltage, you can jump from a 20v Drill/Driver or 20v Cooler, stack another 20v battery and run your 40v chainsaw, or add 2 more to run an 80v lawnmower. It seems like a pretty cool system.

venton Pace 350 Worx Power Share full bike
Photo c. Worx

But, what about the bike?

Aventon teamed up with Worx Tools to create the Pace 350, an eBike that is powered by Worx’s Power Share system batteries. Worx claims that this is the only bike that is powered by cordless, battery-driven tool batteries.

The Pace 350 has a 350W hub motor and touts a range of up to 28 miles with a top speed of 20mph on a single charge. There are 5 pedal assist levels, or a throttle when no assistance is wanted.

The backlit, easy-to-read LCD display shows the rider’s battery life, speed, pedal assist level, and distance traveled. It uses an accessible step-through frame design for easy mounting and dismounting. Both of the Power Share batteries can be charged at once on the included quick charger and charged to a full charge in just 4 hours.

Aventon Pace 350 Worx Power Share taking battery out

Whether you are commuting or just toolin’ around town, the Aventon Pace 350 will get you there with the eco-friendly Power Share battery power, making it great for many types of bike riders.

The Pace 350 includes (2) 20V 8.0Ah Power Share batteries and (1) Power Share dual charger for rapid recharging.

Pace 350 Retail

The Aventon Pace 350 retail: $1699

*Comes with a 1-year frame and a 1-year component warranty, as well as a 30-day guarantee.

It looks like (as of the writing of this piece) there is a “20% off ” coupon on the site when you purchase the Pace 350. Go get one at the link below.



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