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Deda Superzero RS & Gravel go faster, Superbox integrates


Deda keeps refining their Superzero road and gravel bike cockpits with new ways to get more aero and more integrated. Superzero RS offers a newly lighter, stiffer & faster option for riders who prefer a conventional 2-piece bar & stem combo. Their Superbox stem hides cables any way your integrated bike needs, while a new headset lets integrated bike owners use more conventional adjustable cockpits too. Plus, there’s even a Superzero Gravel bar combing aero shaping and off-road flare!

Deda Superzero RS aero carbon handlebar

Deda Superzero RS aero carbon handlebar

Deda’s new Superzero RS aero carbon road bar steps it up a notch from the standard Superzero performance, while still giving riders the option of fully internal cable routing with a separate bar and stem. The new bar gets a faster more aerodynamic shape with 5mm shallower frontal area and a slightly deeper, flatter top for a more ergonomic position.

Deda Superzero RS aero carbon handlebar, new aero profile

Superzero RS (new, left) Superzero (old, right)

Deda says the new shape to the tops was developed to minimize air resistance, but it also improved rider comfort, as well. Maybe it even gives some downforce! 😉

Deda Superzero RS aero carbon handlebar and stem

The new 366€ bar features Deda’s RHM-Evo compact curve for easy movement of your hands from one position to the next, with 120mm of drop and 75mm reach. Available in 40, 42, 44 & 46cm widths (outside-to-outside) the carbon bar has a claimed weight of 215g (44) and includes full DCR internal or semi-internal compatible routing.

Superzero Gravel aero carbon off-road bar

Superzero Gravel aero carbon off-road bar

If you want the same new aero shape but a gravel bike control, the Deda Superzero Gravel carbon bar is rated for off-road riding too, with 16° of flare to its drops. Available in 42, 44 & 46cm widths (outside-to-outside at the hoods), it ultimately measures up 48,50, or 52cm outside, respectively.

Superzero Gravel aero carbon off-road bar, comparison with RS road bar

Superzero Gravel (left) vs. Superzero RS (right)

The 336€ Superzero Gravel has a claimed weight of just 235g (42) and gets an endurance-optimized EOS-Speed compact bend shape with 110mm drop & 60mm reach. Again it gets DCR compatible internal routing, plus a 83mm wide 31.8 clamping area to fit clip-on aero bars.

Superzero RS alloy stem

Deda Superzero RS alloy stem

Much of the point of Deda’s Superzero lineup is to give top-tier performance with a separate bar & stem. So Superzero RS gets a new light & stiff alloy stem as well.

With a 2-piece faceplate and black PVD titanium bolts, the 3D-forged 2014 series aluminum RS stem gets a triangular cross-section to boost stiffness while staying light. Available in -8° and 90, 100, 110, 120 & 130mm lengths for 189€, it weighs in at 140g (110) and includes a matching aero top cap and faceplate filler spacer.

Deda Superbox integrated stem & semi-integrated S-DCR headset

Deda Superbox integrated stem & semi-integrated S-DCR headset

If you are looking for an even more aero 2-piece cockpit setup, the updated Superbox stem adapts to route pretty much any internal or semi-internal setup.  The optional external lower cover allows for cables below the stem that enter your bar next to the stem or traditionally under the tape.

Deda Superbox integrated stem routing channels

Or there are full internal cable channels in front of where the stem clamps your 1 1/8″ steerer tube for hydraulic disc brake lines and an electronic shift wire.

The 3D-forged 6061 aluminum Superbox stem sells for 144€ in -8° x 90-140mm with a weight of 175g (110). It includes an integrated topcap, headset spacers, and topcovers for 56mm (1.5″) & 46mm (1.125″) headsets, and the lower cover.

Deda integrated & semi-integrated S-DCR headset

Plus, Deda have a new S-DCR headset for clean semi-internal routing of your modern bike frame designed for fully internal cables via the headset top cap. If you want the added position adjustability and flexibility of being able to separately pick your bar and stem, the simple headset lets you make the switch.

The 78€ S-DCR headset has 1.5″ bearings top & bottom and uses a special open compression ring to pass the cables into your frame around the standard 1 1/8″ diameter upper section of your steerer.



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