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Charged EVs | Wallbox builds EVSE factory in Texas, will produce bidirectional DC charger in 2023

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Barcelona-based charging station manufacturer Wallbox has begun construction of a new manufacturing facility in Arlington, Texas. The company will invest some $11 million in the initial construction, and plans to begin production at the site by October of 2022. Wallbox says the facility’s annual production capacity will be over 250,000 units when it opens, and 500,000 units by 2025.

The first product produced at the new plant will be the Pulsar Plus, Wallbox’s most popular charging station. The Pulsar Plus is a WiFi-connected smart charger that’s available in 40-amp and 48-amp versions.

In 2023, Wallbox plans to add production lines for its Quasar 2, a CCS bidirectional DC charger. The company has been selling a CHAdeMO version in Europe for the past two years.

The Quasar 2 will allow owners of a bi-capable EV to schedule charging sessions at times when electricity rates are low and discharge their car battery to power their home when rates are high, and also to use the EV as an emergency power source in power outages.

Other upcoming products to be built at the new plant include the Supernova, a 130 kW DC fast charger; and the Hypernova, an ultrafast DC charger capable of delivering between 150 and 350 kW.

“With the US undergoing a steady increase in demand toward energy-friendly solutions due to the government’s aggressive EV infrastructure targets, we are pleased to begin construction on our factory that will be at the forefront of serving this rapidly growing market,” said Douglas Alfaro, General Manager of North America at Wallbox. “The manufacturing facility is expected to allow us to better meet the needs of our American customers and support the nation’s transition toward electric mobility.”

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