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Charged EVs | Schuler Group acquires battery testing equipment maker Bitrode

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Battery testing equipment manufacturer Bitrode Corporation has been acquired by metalforming firm the Schuler Group. Schuler says the purchase of the St Louis company and its Italian parent company Sovema Group will provide the capabilities needed to equip gigafactories for the mass production of lithium-ion batteries.

Schuler offers customer-specific technology in all areas of metalforming—its product portfolio includes presses, automation and dies, as well as process training. Schuler’s customers include many major automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The company already offers production lines for the mass manufacture of both prismatic and cylindrical battery cell housings.

“We see Schuler’s ownership as a great opportunity for Bitrode to reach its technological potential,” said Cyril Narishkin, CEO and President of Bitrode. “Since 1957, we have served our customers with high-quality, reliable equipment and services.  Now as part of Schuler Group, we will be able to accelerate new product offerings while leveraging Schuler’s wealth of resources and expertise.”

“We can now combine Sovema Group’s technological expertise with our know-how in the production of complex lines for the mass manufacturing of parts and components,” said Domenico Iacovelli, CEO of Schuler Group. “This gives us the potential to develop Schuler into a turnkey supplier of technology for the core process steps of cell assembly and cell formation for existing or planned gigafactories dedicated to manufacturing lithium-ion battery cells.”

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